[REVIEW] : Hyper Light Breaker: The new game from the creators of Hyper Light Drifter will be open-world, the details

Last week, heart machine warned us that a big announcement was going to be unveiled today, March 31st. And while we expected the studio behind Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash to be even more ambitious, we might not have expected Hyper Light Breakerwhich will be even bigger than we could have predicted, with a huge 3D open world to explore.

A solo game but playable in coop

Un announcement trailer which relies on animation at first, and which is a pleasure to see, before showing us real images of the game, which announce to us that Hyper Light Breaker will start with its early access from the beginning of 2023.

The game is presented as a rogue-lite, between action and adventure, with a world to explore that constantly changes and which contains mazes. Several weapons will be present, with several builds available for our character, while we are promised that each death will teach us something about history. A kind of central HUB will be present, the “Settlement”, and we can advance the latter and meet a whole bunch of characters there.

Hyper Light Breaker: 3D world, coop… The Hyper Light Drifter universe is back more frenetic than ever!


In the space of six years, the Heart Machine studio has not twiddled its thumbs, quite the contrary! The teams had left aside the universe ofHyper Light Drifter to focus on a whole new franchise, that of Solar Ash. A stellar odyssey that sent us traveling to distant lands, up there in the stars, in the company of Rei. Behind its airs of twirling Shadow of the Colossus, Solar Ash knew how to shine thanks to its unparalleled atmosphere and its beautifully mastered and choreographed ride.

However, the studio teams have not forgotten their first creation. Solar Ash was only an aside, greatly formative in passing, before the return of the frenetic universe ofHyper Light Drifter. Indeed, Heart Machine has learned a lot from its experience on Solar Ash and it shows in the first glimpse that we could have of Hyper Light Breaker. For the occasion, an announcement trailer was released (and is available at the top of the article), as well as some screenshots.


Beyond the animation video published by the Heart Machine studio, the Steam page of the game was deployed at the same time to give us first details on the title which is expected in Early Access for Spring 2023without further details for the moment. To mark the change with Hyper Light Drifter, Hyper Light Breaker goes into 3D to take us through the immense Overgrowth, a gigantic world filled with biomes that we can explore with others thanks to a cooperation system!

You, and your team if you feel like it, will have a lot to do in this world where many fearsome creatures and bosses. To triumph over all this bestiary, you will have access to a whole arsenal of weapons and objects and, of course, to a unparalleled freedom of movement. All of this should keep you busy, but the developers at the Heart Machine studio have enhanced Hyper Light Breaker of all a gallery of colorful charactersevolving in a colony, who are only waiting for one thing: to share their fabulous stories with you.

New Game: Hyper Light Breaker

We are busy at Heart Machine: barely six months after the release of Solar Ash, they are already lifting the veil on their next game, Hyper Light Breaker. As the name suggests, this one will be set in the same universe as their debut title Hyper Light Drifter. Unlike the latter, on the other hand, it abandons the pretty 2D with large pixels in favor of a fairly basic but equally colorful 3D.

The game will offer vast environments to cross on foot, by hoverboard or paraglider, alone or in coop. That’s about all we know for now, but we still have time ahead of us since the game won’t arrive in early access until spring 2023.