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[REVIEW] : Instagram will let you reply to stories with voice notes

[REVIEW] : Instagram will let you reply to stories with voice notes

Audio messages arrived on Instagram several years ago, and since then they have become one of the most used forms of communication. communicate through the chat section of the app. Very soon, moreover, the company behind the social network wants to go further allowing users to respond to stories other people through voice memos.

The feature was discovered by reverse engineering developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared a screenshot where you can see how will this new type of answers work at Instagram Stories.

You can reply to stories with audio messages

As can be seen in the screenshot, once the function is available, a microphone icon in the story response text field. Thus, a third form of react to an Instagram “Story”: emojis, text and, now, voice.

For the moment, the feature is under development, and it’s unclear when it will be available for users to use. It may even be that which ends up being discarded and ultimately never integrated into the applicationalthough that seems unlikely.

Either way, the best thing you can do to make sure you’re among the first to try out this feature is to download the latest available version of Instagram, where this and the rest of the new Instagram features will be available first.

Instagram is experimenting with a full-screen news feed, similar to TikTok‘s

Find all content in the same stream

According to mobile developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is currently testing a new full-screen display. This experimental feed would allow users to find all the posts in their newsfeed:

Switch from one content to another by swiping up

Users could thus find all the publications in the same feed. Full-screen display will only allow you to view one content at a time. You could easily switch from one post to another by swiping up like TikTok. Instagram may adapt the algorithm based on your reactions. Like its main competitor, the social network would only recommend content for which you have shown interest.

With this new test, Instagram therefore seems to be accelerating its development to streamline the display of posts on its platform. By testing a single stream that offers a more immersive and addictive experience, the platform wants to compete with TikTok.

On Instagram, it might be possible to react to a story with a voice

The team behind Instagram has been very active over the past few months, regularly developing and releasing new features. After the return of the chronological feed and the addition of favorite accounts, or even the creation of automatic subtitles, this is another novelty that could bring Instagram a little closer to other social networks such as Snapchat and TikTok.


Although Instagram is of course primarily focused on sharing images and videos, direct interactions between users are not neglected. After all, it is a social network. The private messaging integrated into the application (the famous DMs) already offers the possibility of recording and sending voice. What if voices could be used to respond to a story?

So thinks Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer specializing in reverse engineering, who loves to dissect applications. On Twitter, he claimed that Instagram was working on different ways to react to stories.

Based on the presence of a microphone icon in the bar to type a reaction, he deduced that the Instagram team was working on the possibility of recording a voice in response to a story. In the same vein, Paluzzi also unearthed an icon for adding an image, indicating according to him that it would be possible to react with an image.

In addition, the developer also said in another tweet that a post sharing function via QR code was in the works.

There is of course no indication that these options will eventually be added to the application. The ability to respond to a story with a voice is already available on Snapchat, so that wouldn’t be so outlandish.

Instagram may soon make it possible to reply to Stories via voice messages

Instagram is developing an option to respond to Stories by voice. This would further simplify interactions with Stories.

instagram constantly working to improve the user experience. This goes through bug fixes, various optimizations, improving existing features as well as adding new features, of course. For example, it could soon be possible to reply to Stories via voice messages.

Instagram is developing an option to respond to Stories by voice

Instagram recently introduced the ability to leave private likes, an interesting additional way to interact with Stories. It looks like the company wants to add yet another option to respond to those ephemeral clips and images from the accounts we follow.

Indeed, if we are to believe the developer Alessandro Paluzzi, known for delving into the meanders of the source codes of applications to discover hidden functionalities, Instagram is currently working on an option that would allow its users to send voice messages by response to Stories. Alessandro Paluzzi even shared a screenshot of the interface dedicated to this feature.

This would further simplify interactions with Stories

Asked Instagram about the subject, without comment at the time of this writing. If this function could indeed prove to be very useful on a daily basis for many users, all the functionalities tested by the platform do not end up deployed in good and due form and accessible to the general public. When Instagram introduced private likes for Stories, the company explained that its primary motivation was to reduce incoming messages. Adding the ability to send voice messages would rather defeat this purpose, but it could further simplify an operation that is already possible on the app.

Either way, the feature is still in very limited development or testing, at best. Impossible to know if the option will be offered to the general public and even less when. Those who are interested will have to wait.

Instagram is said to be testing photo and audio responses to stories, sharing posts with QR codes

Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that would let users respond to Stories with a photo or voicemail, according to a tweet from developer Alessandro Paluzzi. In a separate tweet, Paluzzi added that Instagram is also working on a feature that will allow users to share posts using a QR code.

Screenshots shared by Paluzzi show the familiar message box where you can reply to user stories, but with a change: one screenshot features an image icon and the other features a microphone icon with l “GIF” icon that was already there. It is assumed that users can click on these icons to reply to stories with an image or audio message.

in February, a feature rollout platform that allowed users to like other users’ stories without replying to them in the form of a direct message. Until then, the only way to reply to a story was to message the user directly in the text box that appears below stories (or by using preset emojis, GIFs, or stickers, which gave the same result). The user who received it in the Story Views section of the app can see the new “Private Story Likes”.

The new Rumored Image Reply feature will complement existing functionality and provide more options for users who want to respond to stories creatively. These features also fit well with Instagram’s long-term plan to move away from just being a photo-sharing app.

Instagram could prepare a voice response function

– Instagram could step up integration of Voice Notes into its app, looking at a potential feature that could be integrated into its Stories system.

The social media app has become increasingly user-friendly for those who like to record voice notes rather than write messages in recent years, and this is apparently going to intensify with the ability to respond to people’s stories with voice notes.

The feature was sniffed at by Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter, and there’s no guarantee it’ll make it to Instagram’s live version for real users, but you can see it’s being tested.

With just a test screenshot like this to go on, of course, we’re left with quite a few unknowns about how the feature actually works, including whether you’ll be able to message people with voice notes only if you are being tracked by their account.

This could otherwise leave the system open to some potentially abusive uses, although this is also true for the text responses you can currently send.