[REVIEW] : iPhone SE 3: all the announcements to come tonight

Will Apple mark the occasion tonight by announcing a new iPhone SE 3? This is what many rumors that have been floating around the web for several weeks seem to indicate. Among the latest to date, we have notably been able to see the appearance of several accessories stamped “shells for iPhone SE 3”. These leaks therefore leave little doubt as to the very imminent arrival of a new version of the famous low-cost iPhone.

Among the novelties expected for the iPhone SE 3, the implementation of a new processor seems almost obligatory for Apple. The firm intends to continue to offer an iPhone SE powerful enough for the demands of the general public, and the A15 Bionic chip which currently equips the iPhone 13 would be an excellent choice. Discover all the first information on the future iPhone SE 3, pending its officialization.

What will be the characteristics of the iPhone SE 3?

Offer a powerful iPhone at a lower cost. This could sum up the objective of the iPhone SE 3. Apple is aware that its famous phone has a price that is not accessible to everyone, and which particularly benefits the refurbished market a lot. Fans of the brand therefore logically loved the first two iPhone SEs released in 2016 and 2020 respectively.

On the strength of such success, it is logical for Apple to reiterate this “low cost” strategy by offering an iPhone SE 3. The latter would therefore be equipped with the technologies available on the latest iPhones, but would some technical concessions to lower its cost of product, and therefore of sale.

The first technical information relating to the iPhone SE 3 reportsan A15 Bionic processor, the same one that equips the current iPhone 13 therefore. Apple’s next phone should also benefit froman LCD screen as well as’compatibility with 5G communication networks. This would make it the first affordable 5G iPhone, which is a big selling point for many Apple users who couldn’t take advantage of this connectivity without upgrading to the latest (and expensive) iPhones. In addition to its new processor, the iPhone SE 3 would also have a storage space of 256 GB (compared to 128 on previous models.

The very “retro” look of the iPhone SE 3 also portends the return of “Touch ID” technology. The latter should still allow users to unlock their device with their fingerprint. As a reminder, this option is no longer present on the classic iPhone since the iPhone X released in 2017.

Will the iPhone SE 3 be compatible with 5G?

One of the biggest requests for the iPhone SE 3 comes back to its compatibility with 5G networks. The two previous models released in 2016 and 2020 were notably not equipped with the latter, and only 4G networks are currently available on these older versions. The iPhone SE of 2022 should be compatible with 5Gin particular thanks to the future A15 Bionic chip.

What will the price of the iPhone SE 3 be?

This is one of the questions that matters most when discussing the iPhone SE 3. No official price has yet been announced by the firm, but analyst JP Morgan has contacted the Reuters site to indicate that the next iPhone SE 3 could return between $269 and $399 with the trade-in offers planned by Apple. As a reminder, the 2nd generation iPhone SE is still available at around 489 euros.

iPhone 13: Apple will soon offer a new green smartphone?


But who knows, maybe we might have a funny surprise. Like a reproduction of the iPhone 6s. You are probably wondering why we are talking about this version of this phone. Quite simply thanks to Fashion Week.

Indeed, during the Balenciaga fashion show, the haute couture brand organized a funny event. An event to which we had access only with an iPhone. But not just any as you might expect. An iPhone 6s.

In reality, you should not have a smartphone of this generation to have access to the parade. But these phones acted as an invitation card for the guests. These were phones that had worked in the past.

And which, today, no longer worked. This event brought together many people, especially for ingenuity. That’s why, having brought the 6s up to date for a fashion show, we might think that Apple is playing on it.

But no, this version of the iPhone should not be mentioned during the next Apple Event. So what are those who work for the happiness of customers of the Cupertino company ? We will have to wait a little longer.

However, as we let you know above, there are already some leaks. And if you want to know what it’s all about, just go a few lines down. HASfind out what the rumors are about.


It was our colleagues from iPhonesoft who revealed the information in question. The media making it known that the leaks came from Youtubeur Luke Miani. For the latter, the firm with the bitten apple could present an iPhone 13 in a funny color.

This one would be green according to its information. It could totally happen. As a reminder, the iPhone 12 was indeed entitled to a purple color last year. So why not the new version of apple phones ? That’s what Luke Miani thinks.

The green color would not be randomly chosen as the media reports. Indeed, this would aim to boost sales of the phone and refresh its range. But what about its components ? Will we find the same as on the other colors?

As you’d expect, that wouldn’t really matter. A color for an iPhone would have no impact on the inside of the phone. In fact, according to the media, you will be able to find the A15 Bionic chip. As well as storage of up to 512 GB.

iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 5, Mac Studio… everything we expect from Apple’s Keynote

Apple is preparing to present its first products of the year during a Keynote on March 8, 2022. We have been expecting for several weeks the presentation of an iPhone SE equipped with 5G, an iPad Air 5 and to a refresh of certain Mac models. But a few hours before the event, leaks add a few entries to the list of expected products.

Youtubeur Luke Miani pulled several surprises out of his hat. Remember that the videographer has not yet proven himself in terms of Apple leaks, so we must take his assertions with some tweezers. According to him, the apple brand is about to unveil a new color for the iPhone 13, a dark green.


Still according to the videographer, Apple is preparing to present a compact Mac, the Mac Studio, equipped with an M1 Max chip, the most powerful processor presented by Apple to date.

The Mac Studio would be about two to three times thicker than a Mac Mini, and it would feature a slew of ports, much like they were reintroduced on the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

In addition to this Mac Studio, Mark Gurmann, the Apple specialist journalist from Bloomberg, plans to launch a 13-inch MacBook Pro and new iMacs.


The Youtuber also ensures that a screen called the Studio Display will be presented. It would be an entry level with a diagonal of 27 inches, with larger borders than the Pro Display XDR

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Buying These Apple Products Right Now

If you are planning to upgrade your iPhone or MacBook, read this article till the end. Apple last week announced that it would hold a special press event on March 8. Although the company hasn’t revealed what’s to come, all signs point to the launch of a new iPhone, likely an upgraded iPhone SE. The company is also reportedly working on the next-generation iPad Air, a high-end Mac mini, an all-new 13-inch MacBook Pro, a new external display and more. If Apple announces these products today, they’ll start hitting retail shelves in the next few days. This is why you should wait and avoid spending your money on an outdated Apple product.

iPhone SE 2020

It does seem like the third-generation iPhone SE might get some serious attention, even if the “affordable budget iPhone” rumor sounds more or less the same. The next-gen iPhone SE is said to be similar to the last-gen model but with the possibility of 5G support and a super-fast A15 Bionic chipset. Tech insiders and analysts seem to agree that the new iPhone SE will see an iterative upgrade. Even then, the next iPhone SE could add a lot of value to those who want an iPhone at a slightly lower price. Remember, the iPhone SE has always been positioned as a “budget” option and so far Apple has refrained from calling it a “low-cost” iPhone. With the new iPhone SE coming soon, so unless you need to replace one urgently, best to wait for now.

Some predictions for the next new iPhone SE:

1. Mass production in March 22.

2. Estimated shipments of 25-30 million units in 2022.

3. Storage: 64/128/256GB.

4. Support A15 and 5G (mmW and sub-6GHz).

5. Housing: white, black and red.

6. Similar form factor design to current SE.