[REVIEW] : League of Legends: how to get RP for free? Our tips (100% reliable!)

We no longer present League of Legends and its 159 playable champions. If they are all accessible free of charge as long as you chain the hours of play or take advantage of the weeks of rotations, this is not the case with the more than 1800 skins available, we no longer count the number of different skin categories, each one more colorful than the other. So, if you want to show your interest in your favorite champion, you’ll be spoiled for choice. However, not everyone can spend their money so easily.and it is quite tempting to trust the many tricks that abound on the net to earn you a lot of RP without any harm. We therefore come back in detail to the three 100% effective and honest methods to earn RP without spending, and without falling into traps that could cost you much more than an epic skin. to play with your favorite champion in pajamas.

Probably the simplest, most effective and interesting method on the marketthis guide obviously begins with the Prime Gaming Caps. If you are already subscribed to the Amazon Prime service, you can collect once a month a capsule which will contain many rewards :

  • 650 RP
  • An epic skin (worth 1350 RP)
  • 200 orange essence
  • 5 Champion Shards
  • 2 Eternals Series 1 Fragments
  • 1 x 30 Day Exp Boost

The offer is so interesting that it almost seems dishonest, but no, rest assured, this is what is offered to you once a month if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. Of course, you have to be a subscriber. But if you’re not one yourself, you might know someone around you who once sold their soul to Jeff Bezos, and who doesn’t play League of Legends. Rather than convince him to come and rage for hours with you on Summoner’s Rift, maybe you can ask him to link his Amazon account with your Riot Games account?

Faker’s move that will teach you a simple trick that can save your life

The best players of League of Legends are for many reasons and, for the majority of the community, it is simply impossible to match them.

However, we make a mistake when we think that all the difference in level between us and summoners of higher or professional ranks lies in mechanical talent. The truth is that there are a multitude of small details that make the difference and that we do not use for lack of knowledge. In short, an accumulation of little tricks that would allow us to be much more efficient.

The little trick used by Faker to save himself

During a stream, Faker performed one of the most basic moves in League of Legends to save his life and get some game-changing first blood.

It wasn’t a mechanical display or one of those moves that made him the best player in League of Legends history. All the Korean mid laner did was stay focused and run in a straight line.

After an initial trade in which the mid laner comes out at a huge disadvantage, Faker finds himself in a tough spot — and the best solution seems to simply be to get back to basics. However, when his opponent can finish him off, he makes a smart move that sets him apart from many players. Instead of escaping to his tower by changing direction, he takes the longest path that allows him to follow a straight line towards the enemy. In this way, he avoids entering his attack zone and makes any blow from him impossible.

This is one of the most basic moves in League of Legends. However, many players are unaware of this. When trying to run away from an opponent, especially if it’s an attack damage champion, follow a path as straight as possible without changing directionunless you have to dodge a skill, and even then you have to try to move as little as possible to avoid being within attack range. This is a very easy technique that many players haven’t done before, and it’s made much easier to pick up with this move from Faker.


Coming from a Blizzard veteran known for working on World of Warcraft since its inception and the famous titan project, these words resonate particularly strongly. Despite a substantial investment on the part of Blizzard, the game behind Project Titan never saw the light of day, and the scraps were used to produce Overwatch.

Many games are regularly prototyped and abandoned behind the scenes of the industry, but the lessons remain as a rule. Yes Riot Games’ MMO is not good, the work done will probably be used for something else, specifies ghostcrawlereven if he will no longer be there to see it.

Do I think Riot will launch an MMO at some point? Absolutely. There are so many good reasons to do so. Maybe I’m not the right leader, or it’s not the right team, or our design is not right. But the business will continue until the game lives up to your expectations.

This may also explain why Riot Games has not yet shared any concrete info about its MMO which should, we suppose, exploit the world of League of Legends: Runeterra. There must remain gray areas to be clarified and a long way to go before entering a semblance of a production phase. This is surely why the title was unveiled discreetly, on the sidelines of the celebration of 10 years of League of Legends.

In any case, even considering that the work is progressing in the right direction internally, Riot’s MMO has only entered the design phase than in 2018and Ghostcrawler reported in 2020 that the first playtests are still a long way off.