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Review: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Review: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

They say in the games of the series LEGO nothing has changed for years. The same mechanics, similar quality graphics, block designs and the constant “color” of the world. You just know what? Our smile is also unchanged while playing titles presenting sweet blocks in action. Because even if another one already LEGO Star Wars it is characterized by a certain amount of creativity, it still causes a smile and only positive emotions, whether we like it or not.

LEGO are easy, simple and rather fun adventure games with a twist of action, intended mainly for younger and less experienced players. Certainly the phenomenon of the series LEGO Star Wars it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Fans appreciate the humorous and full of funny gags approach to their favorite movies, for example Indiana Jones, Harry Potteror one game imitating the movie bat-man with a nickname Batman. Each of these titles had an indescribable element of power that involuntarily attracted to the console, such as exaggerated character creations and phenomenal cutscenes, and truth be told … it’s no different this time.

It is true that there is an inscription in the title of the game Clone Wars, which may create in you the wrong impression of participation ONLY in the adventures of the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the screen of your TV. The main character of the laughable story is the popular Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano’s cane. However, we will not participate in any surveillance mission and sneak in a cosmic shadow, because LEGO Star Wars III it focuses on momentum, great battles, huge shootings and a variety of colors popular “blaster lasers”. Another thing is that the first scenes of the game show us the events after which we can lose our slippers. We fall into a kind of block-like Colosseum, a sharp block slaughterhouse begins (we could see it on trailers published on PS3Site), after a while huge monsters, droids, an army of Jedi knights and a ton of other Star Warsaw tałatajstwa start, all ended with a visit the popular hunter Jango Fett. Yes, this time more emphasis was placed on combat, all at the expense of possible logical puzzles and adventure elements. So if you did not like the most ordinary steaming in the world in the previous installments of the LEGO series, Star Wars III it is not for you, because it is mostly made of it. Here, instead of solving puzzles, we will shoot enemies. Instead of moving levers, we will ride monsters more often and murder opponents with them. Everything is served, of course, in a humorous sauce and without any blood, thanks to which the whole game will be fun not only for the average middle-aged player, but also for a young person who wants to live at the console. The fact is, however, that even v LEGO Indiana Jones There were more puzzles, and they were much better and more sophisticated. Star Wars either ran out of ideas, or that was the producer’s intention …

It is important that as the game progresses, we unlock new block characters from the Star Wars universe. You cannot help but pay attention to the fact that completing individual stages of the game often requires the use of special abilities of each of them. It is true that everything is based on a simple taking control of droids, the classic squeezing through hollows, but it’s nice that such a variety appeared. Everything is done mechanically with the addition of occasional Quick Time Events to finish off any bosses. There is also cutting circles in the walls with a lightsaber, throwing this sword at opponents and a patent called “Story Swap”, which allows us to switch between characters in one moment, even if they are in completely different locations, cooperating at a distance. However, if you think that LEGO Star Wars III this is a trivial game for 7-year-olds, you are grossly mistaken. In order to collect all the trinkets and hidden treasures, you need to sweat a lot and carefully check every nook and cranny. In addition, the next collected gold bricks give us access to the next levels on the great space cruiser. Proposal? LEGO Star Wars III always sets a goal for the player and ALWAYS rewards him for achieving or completing a task. Unfortunately, we often don’t know what to do in a given section while playing. Of course, the game sets a goal before us, but it doesn’t explain how to do it. As a result, less informed players can quickly throw away the rain and get discouraged from the game, which with such a colorful setting, suggesting destiny to a rather Sunday player, may come as a surprise. Unfortunately, this is a disadvantage of the newest LEGO Star Wars. There is no hint. The more that I cannot imagine that the 7-year-old would pass this title without any problems …

Our LEGO people will have a huge laser mini-gun at their disposal! We will also sit at the helm of huge walking robots, fighters known from the series Star Wars or other similar. First of all, it adds epicness to the gameplay, and secondly … thanks to these vehicles, we don’t have to move with the help of our frail, block legs. But! Of course, nothing prevents us from throwing these machines into the corner when it is unnecessary and, if we like hiking, to move on foot. Great dedication to the player’s initiative and allowing him to decide what type of game he likes the most and how he wants in LEGO Star Wars III play. Let it not be too boring LEGO Star Wars III at times offers something like … a strategic RTS game. The player’s goal is to construct buildings, to produce units that will ultimately participate in a huge battle, and all of this usually to cut down opponents and destroy enemy buildings. We build barracks in which we produce units, defense cannons defending the walls of our base, factories producing additional mechanical vehicles and buildings that give our robots various skills, such as additional torpedoes or protective shields. It is true that RTS games are not as complicated as on PCs, because and LEGO Star Wars III He will do many purely strategic things for us, but the whole thing in the wash works very nicely. Great patent!

The visuals and sounds have not changed particularly in relation to the previous editions of LEGO Star Wars. It is nice, colorful, fabulous and a bit archaic all the time, but the lack of progress can really disturb you. Of course, we still feel the irresistible pleasure of watching the maddened LEGO people on our TV screens, but it’s not the same as it was a few years ago. Could use a decent facelift. The cool thing is that each of our characters moves differently. Each fights differently, has a different set of animations, just like the opponents. We do not feel technically weary, and everything is made up for by the epicness and momentum of the presentation of the battles, as well as the chaos that we see on the TV screen at those moments. Music is just a formality. It is known that we will be dealing here with well-known pieces from Lucas’ films and animations. Besides, the voices of the characters were given by popular actors, such as the cult actors … Samuel L. Jackson!

There is no revolution, and perhaps no evolution, but still LEGO Star Wars III it’s a good game, not only for the little ones. At any time, a second player on the same console can connect and continue the game with you. The Arcade mode was also offered, in which we will be able to indulge in the game like the above-mentioned RTS together with a friend sitting next to it. In addition, the greatest advantage of the LEGO series, i.e. the ubiquitous humor and gags that can lead the player to a real explosion of happiness, have been invariably preserved. The fact is that in LEGO Star Wars III not only is fun to play, but also to watch from the side. And thanks to additional modes, the gameplay time that oscillates around here 6, maybe 7 hours, is extended very significantly. Still, it was all there, and next time Traveller’s Tales is going to have to sweat a lot to get a higher rating. I have absolutely no doubts about the fact that kids will jump at their games like jagged people on the proverbial rusks. After all, it has to pay off for them. A bit aging binding, everything was there?