[REVIEW] : Lost in a restaurant, the Google Pixel Watch is revealed in photos

The existence of the Google Pixel Watch is no longer in doubt and a new element tends to confirm it. The Android Central site has released several images of what promises to be Google’s first smartwatch. Until now, rumors were swirling about the search engine’s intentions to launch from this segment after years of expectation. To discover the watch in the flesh, it took an incredible story.

Oops, someone lost a Pixel Watch prototype at the restaurant

Along with the Pixel 6a, the Google Pixel Watch is one of the most anticipated products in the coming months, it has already been leaked regarding its design, features or software. A source who wishes to remain anonymous claims to have found Google’s future watch in a restaurant in the United States. He assures that it could be “a test model for the internal team”.

The watch appears to match the various renders released so far. The different images present a curvaceous and minimalist watch. Its screen is curved at the edges and borderless while a physical crown appears on the side. The Pixel Watch, known by its codename “Rohan” also includes one or two buttons. Google seems to have opted for a stainless steel chassis and a proprietary strap. The latter, visible in the images, also resembles the sports bracelets of the Apple Watch.

While a previous leak mentioned three colors (gray, black and gold) for the watch; we can expect the brand to offer many bracelets to personalize its tocante. A proprietary attachment system would be included.

Inside, the Pixel Watch would offer a Samsung Exynos chip rather than a Qualcomm Snapdragon. A decision that could be motivated by the recent rapprochement between Google and Samsung around Wear OS 3. This new operating system is the result of a merger with Tizen, the OS of the South Korean manufacturer behind the Galaxy Watch 4.

A watch with a Samsung Exynos chip

Two major pieces of information are missing after the discovery of these images. First, the source was only able to turn on the watch to come across a Google logo. She was not able to go further and discover the interface of the Pixel Watch. Also, no charger came with the watch and not much is known about its charging system. Like the Apple Watch and other smartwatches, charging seems to be able to be done from the back of the watch. It could also be Qi compatible for wireless charging.

What do we know about this source?

The discovery of this prototype in a restaurant is surprising. The story, however, would not be new in the United States and is very reminiscent of the discovery of a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar a few years ago. Regarding the source, his identity has not been revealed to protect his identity. The latter also did not want to make public the name of the restaurant in which she found this watch. She says she wants to protect her job.

This famous source returned to his story via a post on Reddit, spotted by SamaGame. Responses and new images seem to confirm that this is not an error. Called u/tagtech414, the user explains that it was his bartender friend who found the watch in the restaurant where he works. He decided to keep her for “a few weeks”, while waiting for her owner to come and get her. The latter having never returned, he entrusted the watch to the “source” who describes himself as a fan of new technologies. Despite the media coverage of the story, Google would not have sought to contact him.

If we can not put aside the possibility of a hoax, it is also not excluded that this “omission” is the work of Google. It allows us to talk about the watch before its announcement, which could take place on May 11 or 12, during the Google I/O conference. In 2018, we remember that the Google Pixel 3 XL had been forgotten in the back of a taxi.

Lost in a restaurant, the Pixel Watch is revealed from every angle

After months of rumors, the Google Pixel Watch is finally a reality…but not necessarily in the way Google would have hoped.

The long-awaited Pixel Watch neglected in a restaurant

Our colleagues from the Android Central site were able to recover photos from an anonymous source, which indicates that they found the first connected watch made by Google in an American restaurant. The latter would have been visibly forgotten in the establishment by an employee of the brand.

This loss is very reminiscent of that of the iPhone 4 in 2010. An Apple employee, who was testing the device under the cloak in real conditions, had also lost this test copy in a bar and was then recovered by a site web and unveiled several weeks before its official announcement.

A first copy that confirms the rumors about its design

The few shots shared today only confirm the rumors to a large extent. This Pixel Watch does have a round design and has a digital crown that should allow you to navigate through the interfaces. We can also note two buttons present on the case.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know more about the Wear OS interface developed by Google for its watch. If the device turns on, it does not start further than the brand logo.

On the back we find the various sensors that will calculate the heart rate of the user. At the bottom of the watch, you can see a connector, but there is no indication today whether it will be used to charge the device or whether Google will rather adopt an induction system.

Finally, in these pictures, we can take a look at one of the bracelets designed by Google, which greatly resembles what the Apple Watch offers and its fluoroelastomer sports bracelets. The attachment system seems proprietary and Google could thus offer a collection, while third-party props take it over to deliver their own versions. The leaked model is blue, we are now waiting to know what colors Google will offer at launch.

It’s the Pixel Watch: They leak real photos of the Google Watch after being forgotten in a bar

After presenting its new franchise terminals, the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, at the start of the year, the efforts of the American giant are now mainly focused on the marketing of its first connected watch, the Pixel Watch.

So while a few days ago we unveiled a new filtered image of Google’s long-awaited smartwatch, now, thanks to Android Central support, we’ve had access to the first real photographs of the Google Pixel Watch after being forgotten in a bar.

These are the first real images of the Pixel Watch

A user, whose identity has not been revealed, sent images to Android Central support of what could be the new Pixel Watch, which was found in a restaurant by a friend of the same, who is a waiter in said restaurant.

These first real photographs of the Pixel Watch, which we leave you below, reveal that it will have a design very similar to that of the renders that have reached us so far, since they show us a screen without frames and a button to the right of the rotating crown which is shaped like a bottle cap, that one of its available colors will be black, and that it will have a hidden button in the watch frame, just below the crown.

In the images of the bottom of the watch, which according to the user quoted above “looks metallic, but it looks like it’s covered in glass”, we can see a charging connector similar to the one that the found on the Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense. on the Apple Watch. This similarity to the Apple smartwatch charging connector could indicate that the Pixel Watch also has wireless charging.

This watch was in a box in which there was no charger of any kind, which is why the waiter who found it was only able to take a photo of the smartwatch the day he found it. found, because it had very little charge at the time. When turned on, the smartwatch only showed the Google logo, which makes us think that it does not have an operating system loaded yet. What was inside the box is a strap that looks a lot like Apple Watch straps and doesn’t have a standard anchor, which means the Pixel Watch won’t be compatible with third-party straps.

The user who shared these images with Android Central assures that this Pixel Watch could be a test model from its development team, since in its box there is a small note at the bottom which indicates the following:

With the design of the Google Pixel Watch already revealed, all that remains is to know its specifications, of which it has only been disclosed that it will have an Exynos processor and the new Google Assistant integrated. Anyway, in a few weeks we will dispel doubts, since Google’s first smartwatch will be presented in society, together with the new Google Pixel 7, during the next Google I/O 2022 which will be held on May 11. and 12 .