[REVIEW] : MATCHO will combine Match-3 and FPS on Xbox Series

MATCHO will combine Match-3 and FPS on Xbox Series

If you are fond of FPS and Match 3, you may be interested in MATCHO! The next title from FiolaSoft Studio indeed offers combine these two genres, which at first sight are differentin a sci-fi adventure with a very cartoon style.

You will embody Max, a superhero in spite of himself, whose the quest will be to get rid of his powers which can become a real threat to humanity. Unfortunately, the only solution found by the Triagon scientists is to isolate the protagonist, which he accepts. But the whole plan is disrupted when the leader of the laboratory is kidnapped, forcing our friend to go in search of him to face creatures that seem to bear the same energy signature as him. This will undoubtedly be an opportunity to learn more about this disease which forces him to remain reclusive.

It will be on the side of the game mechanics that the originality should be felt the most. In order to defeat your enemies, you will need to tag them to connect them in groups of at least three depending on their type. But it will also be possible to chain several groups which will give rise to large-scale combos and a significant impact on your score. The gameplay announced as easy to learn will also include puzzle and platform phases with a field of action that will range from dash to wall-jump.

Announced for 2022 on Xbox Series, the duration of the adventure should be eight hours while a multiplayer mode and another dedicated to the quest for highscore will complete the proposal. An intriguing game that could hold some nice surprises.

a strange mix of FPS and Candy Crush

Czech developers FiolaSoft Studio have released a teaser trailer for Matcho, an FPS featuring Match 3-inspired gameplay. puzzles in which the player must line up three identical elements in order to earn points, like Candy Crush for example. In Matcho, the player must mark three enemies of the same type to detonate them, which can cause chain reactions and destroy other opponents. An original concept to say the least, even if it’s hard to see the point: at least Candy Crush can be played on the toilet!

Besides that, the developers promise a complete campaign, with an extensive scenario, parkour sequences and puzzles to solve. Well, we can’t say that the video is very enticing with its Pixar-Wish artistic direction, but who knows… Moreover, the official site mentions a horde mode for co-op and multiplayer arenas for the player versus player – we have no idea yet how this will work, which will probably be very particular.

Matcho announced on Xbox Series X|S, for an odd mix of FPS and Match-3

If the name means nothing to you, you know the Match-3 genre, without even knowing it. Candy Crush, Bejeweled, Puzzle Quest or Pokémon Shuffle, Match-3 is a genre in which you must combine three identical elements to make them disappear and thus accumulate points. A principle which, by its nature, struggles to bring real novelties to the genre. But FiolaSoft Studios may have found a solution with Matcho, a title that combines Match-3 mechanics with those of FPS and platform games.

A curious mix of genres announced by the developers based in Prague. The studio is embarking on a 3D project for the first time, after giving birth to Blackhole, a franchise of two titles released in 2015 and 2017. It will therefore have been necessary to wait for the production of a third title so that the Czech studio decides to include the Xbox Series X|S in their creative process. Through a first trailer, we discover a game whose artistic direction is somewhat reminiscent of Fortnite, and in which the hero has the ability to eliminate small robots of the same color by selecting them one after the other.

An original principle which will however have to be impeccable on the maneuverability between the need to touch relatively small elements, and the need to sometimes move from platform to platform to move forward. No release date yet for Matcho, but its launch is expected to bypass the older generation of consoles, which means Xbox One owners won’t be able to enjoy it.