[REVIEW] : Mystherbe Pokémon GO: Shiny and enjoy the featured hour of April 19, 2022

While this isn’t the first time this adorable creature has been featured on Pokémon GO, April 2022’s featured hours allow you, once again, to catch Mystherbe in normal and shiny version. The event takes place today, the Tuesday, April 19, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. So you only have one hour to capture as many as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about Mystherbe so you don’t waste time. As a reminder, the previous star Pokémon of the month were Moufouette and Sapereau.

Mystherbe shiny: what does it look like?

Mystherbe has been available in a chromatic version since 2019 already. It was thanks in particular to Pokémon GO Safari in Taipei that it had been made available in shiny, to the delight of trainers. Here is what Mystherbe shiny looks like below.

The evolutions of Mystherbe on Pokémon GO

Mystherbe can evolve into Ortide with only 25 Candy. It is then that it gets slightly complicated because you can choose to evolve your Ortide either in Rafflesia or in Jolifor.

  • Evolve Mystherbe in Ortide : 25 Candies
  • Evolve Ortide into Rafflesia : 100 Candies
  • Evolve Ortide into Joliflor : 100 Candies + 1 Stone Sun (you can get some by spinning Pokéstops or completing 7-day Field Study streaks).

Ortide, Rafflesia and Joliflor Shiny

Of course, if you capture a shiny Mystherbe, it will remain shiny when it evolves into Ortide then Rafflesia or Joliflor. This is why it is interesting to succeed in obtaining several chromatic Mystherbes in order to have the complete family in shine.

Mystherbe (Shiny) in April 2022 Featured Pokémon Hours | Pokemon Go

Mystherbe is one of the oldest and most recognizable Pokemon. Introduced in Gen 1, this grass and poison-type Pokemon is going to be featured in Pokemon GO’s Featured Pokemon Hour this week. So if you still don’t have this merry little Pokemon in your collection, now is a great time to do so. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Mystherbe’s April 2022 Featured Pokemon Hour in Pokemon GO.

Mystherbe and shiny Mystherbe in the April 2022 Pokémon Spotlight Hour

Tuesday, April 19, 2022Mystherbe will be the subject of its own featured hour. 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.players will be able to encounter many Mysterherb in nature. Mysterherbe shiny is also available.

In addition to the massive increase in spawn rates in the wild, Mystherbe’s Featured Pokémon Hour offers an additional bonus that Pokémon GO players will want to take advantage of. Mystherbe will be in the spotlight with a special bonus : x2 Capture Stardust.

Can Mystherbe be shiny?

The good news for all shiny Pokemon hunters is that, yes, Mystherbe can actually be shiny. Its evolutionary forms Ortide and Joliflor or Rafflesia can also be shiny. To evolve Mystherbe into Ortide, you must give it 25 candies. Then, to evolve Ortide into Joliflor, you need to give him 100 extra candies and a sun stone. And if you want to evolve your Ortide into Rafflesia, you will have to give it 100 candies and a Plant stone.