[REVIEW] : New clues of the Pixel Watch, the smartwatch that Google is preparing

A new leaked image of the Pixel Watch reveals what the likely final design of Google’s first smartwatch will be.

After presenting its new flagships, the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, last October, the American giant is now focusing its efforts on the marketing of its new affordable high-end terminal, the Google Pixel 6a, and its first smartwatch, the Google Pixel watch.

After recently learning some details about the Pixel Watch such as its colors (gray, black and gold) or its storage capacity (32 GB), now a new leak reveals new clues about Google’s first connected watch.

Pixel Watch design unveiled

In this leaked image, which we leave for you below, we can see that the Pixel Watch will have a circular design with a curved screen that extends to the back, which we cannot see in this render, and will have a silver crown larger than those of other smartwatch models and a menu button, also silver, with a design reminiscent of a bottle cap.

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A Google smartwatch has been rumored for several years now, but its release has never seemed closer than it does today.

The Fitbit experience at the center of this connected watch signed Google

New proof of the existence of this smartwatch has just leaked on the web with the publication of what is said to be one of the faces of the Pixel Watch.

We can recognize the digital presentation of the time, very sober and totally modeled on that currently at work in Android 12. Below, two icons seem to indicate the number of steps and the heart rate analyzed by a heart rate monitor placed on the back of the connected watch.

The third icon, in the center, is more interesting since it displays the Fitbit logo. The company specializing in connected bracelets is indeed a property of the Alphabet group, the parent company of Google, since its acquisition in 2019 for an amount of 2.1 billion dollars.

Google could take advantage of Fitbit’s experience in connected objects to offer exclusive fitness features to its customers and justify the purchase of its watch under Wear OS.

The presentation of this Pixel Watch should now be soon. Google could formalize its accessory but also the next version of its operating system for connected watches at the Google I/O event on May 11.


We are indeed dealing with a round look with very reduced edges: the glass of the screen seems curved, as other small leaks already suggested. On the right side, a button acting as a rotating crown is also present on this rendering. The latter also seeks to show a piece of the software interface.

Here we can observe a step counter, iconography related to heart rate, day and date of the week and the logo of Fitbit, officially passed under the fold of Google in January 2021 for more than two billion dollars. Incidentally, this is not the first time that we have come across the Fitbit logo in the course of a leak.

The Pixel Watch is leaking everywhere, the announcement is imminent

This image shows the terminal from the front. We can see its circular shape (expected), but also the presence of a push button on the right. We recall that the watch is supposed to run on Wear OS, with extensive Fitbit integration. We know that for this kind of product, the health/fitness component is important. For now, this Pixel Watch adopts the code name Rohan within Google.


The new design changes the way products are presented. Now they are listed in a menu at the top of the homepage. The first category concerns smartphones, Google’s flagship products, while the second is dedicated to watches, before relegated to the depths of the store.

For the time being, the Pixel Watch do not appear in the said store, but this desire to highlight this segment is not innocent. We can therefore expect the Mountain View company to announce its products very soon.