[REVIEW] : New version of WhatsApp beta UWP now has Archived Chats feature

For those of you following the progress of the WhatsApp UWP beta, get ready for another big milestone: Archived chats and related features are rolling out, as long as you’re using the WhatsApp beta to Windows 2.2213.3.0.

Between this, Emoji Shortcuts, Dark Mode, and all the other major features of the WhatsApp beta, the UWP version of the communication tool is bundled. That said, if you don’t want an incomplete app (Whats), you can always sit on the sidelines until all the features arrive and the bugs are fixed (there’s no indication how long you’ll be waiting in this case, however) .

whatsapp beta

The WhatsApp beta ups its game, reintroducing all the fan-favorite WhatsApp features you’ve come to expect. You can get the app directly from Microsoft if you want to see real-time trial progress.

To protect you from fake news, WhatsApp will limit the forwarding of messages

The site specializing in the instant messaging application has discovered that WhatsApp will continue its efforts to protect its users from fake news.

WhatsApp fights against the spread of fake news

The novelties are endless for WhatsApp. While cross-device support has just been rolled out, Meta is working on many other features, including the ability to facilitate interactions with unsaved numbers. But that’s not all. WhatsApp will soon roll out a limitation on the number of messages users can forward. The objective: to drastically combat the spread of fake news.

Already introduced last month in the beta of the Android application, these restrictions will arrive in the beta version of iOS before being deployed to all users of the stable version. However, this new rule will only apply to messages that have already been forwarded.

This is not the first time WhatsApp has imposed such limitations. In 2019, the application had already restricted the forwarding of messages to a maximum of five recipients with the same objective. More recently, they had been reduced to one person to stem the spread of false information about the coronavirus.

WhatsApp will let you react to messages with more than 6 emojis

WhatsApp is planning to add a new button in the reaction bar to allow you to select more emojis with which to react to messages.

WhatsApp has been constantly updating its Android application in recent weeks with new functions such as a new voice memo player, the extension of the file size limit to 2 GB or the possibility of changing the language of the apply manually.

But, without a doubt, one of the most notable novelties that has recently arrived on the Meta-owned instant messaging platform are the reactions to messages. In this sense, we have just learned that WhatsApp will expand this function, since it will allow reacting to messages with more than 6 emojis.

WhatsApp will expand the catalog of emojis to react to messages

WhatsApp is working on the possibility of expanding its catalog of emojis to react to messages with new options beyond the existing six: Like, I love, Laugh, Surprise, Sadness and Thank you to respond to requests from its users.

3 news that will arrive very soon on WhatsApp

As you can see in the screenshot that we leave below these lines, WhatsApp plans to add, in a future update, a new button in the emoji bar, identified by the “+” sign, which will allow you to select more emojis with which to react to messages.

Although it is still unknown what new emojis will be available, without looking at the integration of this feature in other Meta applications such as Instagram or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp will most likely allow you to react with any emoji.

The message reactions update is still under development and will therefore be available in future updates. In any case, if you want to take advantage of both this novelty and others that arrive on WhatsApp before everyone else, we recommend that you sign up for its beta program.

WhatsApp test function present on Instagram

It’s been a while since WhatsApp started testing reactions with emojis in messages, a feature found in Messenger and Instagram, for example. However, after a few months the feature was disabled in the few beta testers who had access to it. Now the Android beta update is bringing the feature back, indicating that it might be closer to arriving for all users.

A site specializing in finding information in WhatsApp betas, reactions with emojis was made available again last Wednesday (6). According to the description, when you long press on a message, the option to react with an emoji appears. Apparently, at least in the tests, only six emojis are available to react: jewel, heart, shout, laugh, shocked face and crossed hands.

Despite this, the site reports that there is a + sign after emojis, which may indicate a still-in-development feature that allows any image to be used to react to a message on WhatsApp. However, so far we have only confirmed the six emojis described in the test. It is not yet known when the feature will be available for all WhatsApp users.

Beyond emojis on WhatsApp

It’s been a while since WhatsApp started testing its ability to connect multiple devices without having to be connected to a smartphone. Now, after a few months, the feature, present in the beta and desktop version of the service, should finally arrive for all users of the application on mobile phones in the coming months.

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According to tipsters, the update should arrive for iOS and Android by the end of April, but without a specific date. The update is also expected to fix bugs and bring improvements to the cross-device service, which has received some criticism from PC users.