[REVIEW] : New World: a free trial period on Steam is approaching

It puts you in the shoes of an adventurer in search of knowledge and power on the island of Aeternum. This island is full of secrets, biomes, quests and activities to do, but a curse rages on this island reducing the inhabitants to a certain madness. New World had a spectacular launch, nearly surpassing one million players, but bugs, lack of optimization and end-game content created the MMO’s “loss”.

The developers are working hard to deliver weekly fixes and balance updates, as well as new content monthly. Old communication issues have been fixed and players can now stay better informed about the future of the MMO. Headlining this month: a new ranged weapon (The Blunderbuss) as well as a new expedition coming to close the game’s first arc. new players.

A free weekend for New World

For the very first time on New World, the MMO has a free weekend on Steam. From April 7 (from 7 p.m.) until April 11, players who want to venture into Aeternum can give it their all to try to purge all the misfortunes of this cursed island. These few free days could well make new adventurers want to try the adventure, because the servers continue to go down gradually despite everything.

Along with this free trial period, the game is getting a nice discount of -40% for the standard but also deluxe editions. This offer is valid from April 7th to April 18th, enough to fill the cities with new fresh flesh for the altered, the enraged earths and other monsters.

To download the game, head to the New World Steam page on April 7. A “Free Weekend” tab will be offered to you so that you can try the experience.

New players will be cut off from the rest of the players, but a future merge of free servers after the weekend will be done in order to ensure healthy server populations everywhere. All progress will be retained and your character will keep its place within the server you have chosen.

Multiplayer: New World free this week, how to take advantage of it

Publishers and online stores are making eyes at players

Online video game stores often bend over backwards to offer players unmissable good deals. This week, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Rogue Legacy are both free on the Epic Games Store.

Two high quality titles that will guarantee you hours of fun. And this weekend you can enjoy another game for free thanks to Steam. The famous shop offers access to the MMORPG New World for a few days.

New World, a sublime MMORPG playable for free on Steam

From Thursday April 7 at 7 p.m. until April 11 at the same time, New World will be playable for free on Steam. The official account of the game adds that “new players will also be able to save 40% on the purchase of the Standard and Deluxe editions of New World” when purchased during the same period.

Obviously, the progress will be saved even when playing for free so that you can resume your game on the paid version of New World. Players will be able to enjoy recent New World updates for free but will not have access to the in-game store on the free version.

Despite its few flaws, such as its repetitiveness, New World offers a sublime and pleasant world to discover as well as well-thought-out progression mechanics. Hardcore MMORPG fans should take advantage of this free period without any hesitation. Like Lost Ark, let’s hope the game comes out on console one day, even if it seems compromised.

New World playable for free this weekend

Starting tomorrow Thursday April 7 at 7 p.m. (Paris time) and until Monday April 11 at 7 p.m., the current version of New World will therefore be playable for free on Steam. And quite classically, players who have been convinced by the experience will be able to continue their adventure on the island of Aeternum while keeping their progress, by buying a copy of the game – offered with a -40% discount on the Standard and Deluxe from the MMORPG until April 18.

As an indication, the curious will be able to discover the content of the major March update, marked by the addition of a new weapon (the Blunderbuss), a new instance for high-level players or even new mechanics aimed at to encourage exploration and discovery of the game universe. Notice to the curious.

The update is available now on PC