[REVIEW] : Oculus Quest: which one to choose? How to enjoy virtual reality?

Why use a virtual reality headset?

This new technological device is included in the list of educational tools in certain situations. It is for example used in rehabilitation centers for seniors, etc. It is therefore possible to use it to educate children. However, respecting the age limit remains important to guarantee their safety.

The notices on the packaging of VR headsets indicate the restrictions of use.

VR headset: how does it work?

A VR headset is most of the time equipped with a small personalized screen. Just put it on your nose to view 3D images. It has many position sensors.

It is also equipped with other complementary accessories such as a magnetometer, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Using these tools, the device instantly calculates information about the user’s movements. It thus adjusts the images in relation to the gestures performed and in relation to the speeds of movement. Consequently, the user sees the decor move with him.

How to choose your virtual reality headset?

Before choosing your VR headset, taking into account the mode of use is essential. Do you want a VR headset for PC, game console or smartphone? Be aware that the headsets suitable for these three devices are different.

If you need a VR headset for your computer, buy a model that is powerful enough and suitable for your machine. However, for a first experience, opt for a smartphone VR headset. Indeed, the latter is much cheaper compared to other models. It allows you to discover the universe of virtual reality before going further in this field.

On the technical side, the following three parameters must be considered:

  • The immersion

An immersive VR headset tricks the brain into integrating the user into the desired digital environment. Position tracking using many sensors is one of the factors that determines the quality of immersion of VR hardware.

  • Comfort

This criterion directly impacts the quality of a virtual experience. Indeed, the device should not be too heavy, unbalanced or awkward. Opt for a helmet equipped with a size adjustment device to guarantee your comfort during use. If possible, favor a VR headset equipped with an adjustable strap, etc.

If you wear glasses, choose a VR headset compatible with your profile or equipped with specific lenses.

  • content platforms

Among the platforms most installed in video headsets, it is possible to cite:

  • Windows Mixed Reality;
  • o SteamVR;
  • o OSVR;
  • o Etc.

Some VR headsets are not compatible with all existing platforms. Choose versatile equipment. Also choose the applications adapted to your centers of interest (education, social network, etc.).

Editor’s Choice: A Next-Generation Virtual Headset

Because of its design and quality, we have chosen a high-performance and state-of-the-art headset, the Oculus Quest 2 (256 GB). Apart from its backwards compatibility, it has an interesting content library. It allows you to discover new adventures, etc.

The Oculus Quest 2 (256 GB) offers a comfortable experience and guaranteed immersion. Thanks to its premium screen and integrated speakers, it allows you to experience a VIP atmosphere.

This technological device is easy to configure. You do not have to connect to a console or a computer to make the adjustment. All you need is internet access to download the app.

A quality virtual reality headset

Do you want to have an uninterrupted experience? Surely you need an Oculus Quest 2 – 128 GB. We selected this product for you because of its performance and handling. This head-mounted display is equipped with an ultra-fast processor. It also has a high resolution screen. This headset allows you to enjoy optimal clarity, regardless of your movements and orientations.

This VR equipment is suitable for those who connect daily to one or more social networks. In addition, it offers good image quality.

Thanks to the 3D immersion of the Oculus Quest-128 GB, it offers unparalleled comfort when watching a movie. Note that it is possible to broadcast what you see in the headphones on a compatible television.

An adjustment accessory for optimal comfort

To improve comfort, the use of an Elite Oculus Quest 2 strap with Battery is strongly recommended. We appreciate this high-end accessory because of its stylish design. In addition, it is ergonomic. It therefore facilitates the control as well as the maintenance of the VR headset during your gaming sessions.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the Elite Oculus Quest 2 strap allows you to extend your game time. With its flexible strap, you do not feel the weight of your device, even if you play for a long time.

Daily Deal Oculus Quest: Deal of the day is a must-have target shooter in VR

Every day, its promotion. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it, right?

Every day there’s a promotion on the Oculus Store Quest and while that doesn’t match the discounts offered in previous big sales, it’s still a substantial saving on offer.

The promotion of the day is a must-have target shooter. Gun Club VR is in French, it is compatible with cloud-saving (no loss of progress in case of uninstallation) and it is cross-buy, which means that by buying it on the Oculus Store Quest, you can also get its PC VR version for free on the Oculus Store Rift to play it via the Oculus Link, Air Link or Virtual Desktop.