WhatsApp will fix one of the main “bugs” in its application.

A while ago, WhatsApp implemented the ability to send ephemeral photos and messages to offer a completely “private” solution to users. As of today, automatic media backup is still active on iPhone, while media is supposed to disappear immediately after being viewed.

Improved privacy

According to a report by WABetInfo, WhatsApp is changing the way the platform handles media. Specifically, in the future, WhatsApp will no longer automatically save ephemeral photos to your iPhone’s Photos library. The “Save to Image List” option will be automatically disabled for ephemeral chats.

The previous default option of saving images of ephemeral conversations to the Photos app was an anomaly given the emphasis on message privacy. Users who depend on this feature to share sensitive content will no doubt welcome this update.

Manual backup always available

WhatsApp users can still manually save media that appears in the ephemeral messages they’ve received, or even take a screenshot of the chat thread.

Changing the way WhatsApp handles media in ephemeral messages is rolling out to all users on iOS. Currently it is not yet known when these modifications will be available. The changes apply to Android users as well.

media specializing in news WhatsApp claims that this new tab has already been spotted in the latest beta version of the messaging app on iOS, which means that the Meta subsidiary is working on this new feature on both operating systems, and that it plans to deploy it one day for all its users. As can be seen in the screenshot shared by the media, the Communities tab would be located to the left of that of conversations (Chats) on the Android version. It would then come to replace the Camera tab that WhatsApp would remove from its application or move to another section. We can also see that the future tab will collect related groups together and highlight all the group conversations you have created and those you have been added to.

WhatsApp shows the estimated time of arrival and download of a document in its beta version.

WhatsApp introduced a new feature that shows users its beta on Android, iOS, Web and Desktop the estimated time of arrival and loading of a document. that you want to share on the instant messaging network.

WhatsApp’s new feature lets both parties know when a document will be downloaded in its entirety to the recipient’s device or uploaded to the platform’s servers to be sent as part of a chat.

After having advanced the information, that this new functionality has already arrived on WhatsApp Desktop last March and that this week it takes place Rolling out to select beta users on Android (v2.22.8.11) and iOS (v22.8.0.74).

According to the media, this is a very useful feature, especially for Beta users in Argentina, the only country so far where WhatsApp allows sharing of documents up to 2 GB in size.

WhatsApp is testing a function that will improve the sending of documents

WhatsApp is launching a feature that will show you both the percentage and time left to download a file.

Over the past few weeks, WhatsApp has been constantly improving its platform with new features such as increasing the file size limit to 2 GB (for now only available in Argentina) or a feature through which media files received and sent in temporary chats will not be automatically saved to your device’s gallery.

This new feature of WhatsApp will allow you to control the sending of documents

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android includes a new feature that will allow you to see both the percentage and the time remaining for a document to be downloaded on a specific chat.

So, as you can see in the screenshot that we leave you below these lines, from now on, when you upload a document, you will see a new label in the chat bubble, just below the name of the file , which will show you both the percentage and the remaining download time for that document.

This feature is really useful for all users of WhatsApp beta, but especially for users from Argentina, since they already have the option to share documents up to 2 GB.

This new WhatsApp feature is already reaching some beta users for Android, so if you are in this program and still do not have it available, do not despair because you will receive it in the next few weeks.

WhatsApp will limit your ability to save media in ephemeral chats

Ephemeral Messages: A feature that could protect your privacy 007-style…yes, but it had a few issues on WhatsApp, including the ability to save a media file set to disappear on your smartphone.

WhatsApp has implemented the ability to send vanishing media and ephemeral messages to maintain user privacy and have a little fun. However, the privacy part is not fully managed, because although the media of a chat are supposed to disappear after a certain time, you can always save them on your smartphone. This will no longer be the case as WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature to address this issue.

According to a shared screenshot, media visibility and saving to camera roll options will soon be disabled by default on Android and iOS. This is to ensure that the goal of making media and messages disappear is finally achieved and users can have a more private experience on the platform.

We do not know when it will be available

Thereby, if the ephemeral message feature is enabled, media that is likely to disappear will not be saved on your device. However, it should be noted that you will still be able to save the media manually. And if you don’t want to do it manually, you can turn off ephemeral messages to have autosave enabled.

This new feature is being beta tested for Android and iOS, but it’s unclear when it will be available to the general public.

It comes on top of WhatsApp’s recent test, which restricts the ability to forward an already forwarded message to more than one WhatsApp group. This measure is intended to ensure that no one sends unwanted messages to newsgroups.

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