[REVIEW] : Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis increases level cap, adds high rank sectors.

This week’s monthly featured video detailed several updates to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, including a new region slated for June. Today’s update is live now and brings some of the announced new features to Retem, social features like Photo Rooms, and raises the level cap to 45.

Along with the increased level cap comes new opportunities for rewards and challenges. Today’s update adds new high-ranking sectors to Retem, as well as new Urgent Quests. Take the time to collect EPS shards in these Tier 3 sectors. The new challenges feature monsters that require new strategies to defeat them, such as the ability to upgrade the creatures around them. Gigantix, which drops to level 49, is also offered an additional challenge. Aelio and Retem’s DOLLS will drop new themed weapons that offer unique potential. There are also new Photon Arts for all weapons, and one will be added to most weapons. Wands, Wands, and Tails will receive new compound techniques.

Social and quality of life updates are also present in this new patch. One of the most useful should be the new party recruitment system. It will allow you to recruit players in the same room using the communication menu. When you set your party’s objective and the requirements to join, an icon will appear above your character to indicate that you are recruiting. This way, other players looking to join a team will be able to check if you are the right teammate for them.

There are also new dedicated photo rooms. This is a fun social feature, allowing you to take photos without enemies and customize the scene by even changing the weather. They are also working on adding a playlist feature to the mag jukebox so you can customize your playback music. This update also introduces a brand new streamer mode which will show gameplay while disabling chat during the screen sharing feature, you will receive personalized notifications about rare drops and things you need to know even while using this feature .