[REVIEW] : PlayStation: in April, your trophies can earn you gifts

For the month of April, Sony wants to reward you with gifts for players who win trophies. Discover how to do it.

Trophies on PlayStation are an aspect that many players value, especially for the most complete among you. If recovering a platinum trophy is not always easy, Sony wants to encourage its players today by offering them real winnings.

Indeed, on Twitter, the firm announces that this month of April, those who unlock certain specific trophies, will be able to try to win gifts. How to participate and which trophies are concerned?

Almost like Sony games

In his tweet, Sony couldn’t be clearer: “We wanted to make trophy hunting cooler, so we decided to give you gifts if you unlock ours.” You will therefore have to play games from PlaySation Studios to benefit from this program, or at least certain PlayStation console exclusives. In the list we therefore find titles such as Horizon Forbidden West or SIFU.

This month, the trophies concerned are therefore the following: Successful long glide (Horizon Forbidden West), Master of the stunt (SIFU), Instant kitchen (Tales of Arise) and Gatherer (Godfall). We therefore suspect that the operation will above all serve the studio to promote its home games and increase the playing time on its consoles.

How to participate?

To claim your due, you will need to share a screenshot of the unlocked trophy on Twitter, remembering to mention the PlayStation France account and affix the hashtag #ExtraTrophées. For the moment, this approach remains a little vague and we do not yet know what the gifts will be offered, if they will be offered to all those who participated or if a few people will be drawn.

It’s also unclear if trophies won before April also count. For example, many people have unlocked the trophies of Tales of Arise or Horizon Forbidden West in the first weeks after their release. Will their victory still be counted? Sony still needs to clear up some important points.

Be aware, however, that this special operation should last several months, from April to July. You will therefore have multiple opportunities to try to win something. We already imagine that the trophies and the games concerned will change monthly to cover a wider range of players.

PS Plus Premium: You can no longer subscribe for half price!

which was codenamed Spartacus was revealed almost a week ago now by Sony PlayStation. The firm has indeed lifted the veil on this mysterious project which actually hid its new subscription offers, thus merging PS+ (PlayStation Plus) and PS Now.

Among the various subscriptions unveiled, Sony unveiled PlayStation Plus Premium, a service offering more than 400 PS4 and PS5 games, 340 games including PS3 games available via streaming, but also access to PS1, PS2, PSP and PS4 games, as well as limited-time trial versions. Nevertheless, if you want to take advantage of all these advantages, you will have to get your hands on the wallet since the latter is offered at €16.99/month, €49.99/quarter, and finally €119.99/year. However, some smart guys have found a trick to pay for it half price.

The PlayStation Plus Premium at half price? Sony strikes back!

A few hours ago, you actually had the opportunity to take advantage of the PS Plus Premium at half price. For this you had to buy or be in possession of a PlayStation Now subscription which goes beyond June 2022 since Sony had indeed decided to offer a free upgrade of this subscription to convert it to PlayStation Plus Premium. So that means that if you’re in possession of a PS Now subscription that goes beyond this summer, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the new subscription.

But ! It was without counting on the little tricksters who took advantage of it (too much), and Sony has already rectified the situation, unfortunately. Several users got wind of this information or trick (upgrading from PS Now to PS Plus Premium) and therefore naturally invested in several PS Now subscriptions to accumulate the months. But the firm realized this and stopped this little game. From now on, in the PlayStation Store we only have one month PS Now subscriptions offered there.

PS4, PS5: Sony discreetly withdraws a PlayStation Now offer to make room for PlayStation Plus

Last week, Sony lifted the lid on the future of its PlayStation Plus. As expected, the Japanese firm has Microsoft, and especially its Xbox Game Pass, in the sights. In fact, these are three new offers which will be offered by next June: Essential, Extra and Premium. The little twist being that the PlayStation Now will be absorbedr by this new service by directly integrating the most expensive offer, which will therefore allow streaming of several hundred games from any device.

However, Sony does not forget current users of PlayStation Now and has promised that they will be able to switch no additional cost to a PlayStation Plus subscription. Theoretically, it’s a very good market for those concerned, especially when comparing annual subscriptions. While they are currently only paying €59.99/yearplayers will upgrade for free to a subscription to €119.99/year. Also, several of them have smelled the right vein and have urgently subscribed to the PlayStation Now year-round offer.


But Sony is not fooled and has also reacted. As of today, it is no longer possible to subscribe to PlayStation Now for the year, since the offer has simply disappeared from the official console store. Only the monthly subscription remains, €8.99/month. A decision taken in complete silence at Sony, although all in all quite predictable.

For now, the way players will be able to enjoy PlayStation Plus Premium is still quite blurry. Sony does not specify if this only concerns the first month to the final subscription. A source of concern in some players who could find themselves paying twice as much to be able to take advantage of the streaming service.

PS Plus Premium: Sony blocks the trick to subscribe at half price

A trick made it possible to take advantage of the PS Plus Premium at half price thanks to a PlayStation Now subscription. In the face of player abuse, Sony blocked the manipulation.

Enjoy PlayStation Plus Premium at half price? It was possible! Shortly after the announcement of the new subscription formulas, players had already found a trick to avoid paying the high price. Inevitably, it has no more to the publisher.

A good plan to have the PS Plus Premium cheap

The price of the PS Plus Premium is enough to put off more than one. The new high-end formula of PlayStation’s online service is still charged the trifle of 120 euros per year. A rising price which is compensated by a salvo of new advantages including access to a catalog of 400 of the best PS4 and PS5 games and 340 classic games (PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3) to download or stream. There are also limited-time trial versions to test the games before buying them.

In other words, the PlayStation Plus Premium is the only offering to replace PlayStation Now, but at double the price. To pass the pill, Sony had decided to offer the upgrade to the Premium offer to current subscribers of its streaming service. More concretely, those who had an active subscription extending beyond June got the PS Plus Premium for free for the remaining months. Obviously, it gave some ideas.

Sony blocks PS Now trick

Earlier today, a tip for getting the PS Plus Premium at a low price was circulating on the web. Its principle is simple: combine PS Now subscriptions billed at 59.99 euros to have as many years of the new offer at half price. It was then enough to connect to his PSN account and pay half the price of what will be billed soon. However, this trick did not go unnoticed and Sony reacted quickly to this abuse of generosity.

For a few hours, it is no longer possible to subscribe to PS Now for more than a month. The manipulation of this good plan is now obsolete. For the more adventurous, it may still be possible to find 12-month PlayStation Now gift cards lying around in some shops.

All the big names will be on the revamped PS Plus, you just have to find which one

made by sony the bold move announce a renewal PSMore subscription last week – And only six of the supposed 740 titles that will be part of it. Speaking after another jaw-dropping decision from the manufacturer, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan promised that “all the big names” will fill the remaining 99% of the membership offer. You’ll have to use your imagination though, as the big shot couldn’t name any real games.

We know the likes or return and marvel spider-man will be part of the deal, which is a start, although it’s unclear if this will be the PS4 or PS5 incarnation of the webslinger at this time. stadium.