[REVIEW] : Pokémon Variety Show to Share ‘Latest Information on Pokémon Games’ Next Week

The trainers got a lot of details about Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple when the new generation was first unveiled in February.

The Japanese Pokémon Variety show called “PokéDoko 4” will air on April 24 (also known as Next Weekend) and will include a segment with the “latest information on Pokémon games”.

If there is any new information included about the latest generation, it could be officially revealed before the show airs next Sunday. It could also be existing information, another Pokemon game-related announcement, or something else, so try not to get too excited.

TV Tokyo’s summary for PokéDoko 4, which aired on April 24, 2022, states that they will have a segment with “Latest information on Pokémon games!? New information about the game will most likely be announced this week before it airs on this show.

It’s been years since any of the Pokémon Variety shows had exclusive information about new games. It would be a good way to bring viewers back.

“The latest information on Pokémon games! »

*IF* this is new in-game information, it will most likely be announced this week before it airs on this show. Pokémon variety shows haven’t had an exclusive game reveal in years.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: new information to discover this week

Pokemon Scarlet / Purple will undoubtedly be one of the end of the year events on Nintendo Switch. After the January release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus which brought about a lot of changes, Pokemon Scarlet / Purple should go even further. the game is indeed presented as a new development with, in particular, a real open world and new game mechanics. For the moment, however, little information… But that may change this week. Indeed, the Japanese program of TV Tokyo, PokéDoko 4 promises to discuss all “the latest information on Pokémon games“… Generally, Japanese TV shows do not reveal new information and are content to repeat those previously published. But by announcing in advance that a sequence of PokéDoko will be devoted to the latest information on Pokémon games, this suggests that new information will be shared soon (necessarily before the broadcast.) It has happened before.. Consequently, if you are a fan, stay connected (it’s a teaser.)