[REVIEW] : Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupé: Unique model signed Sonderwunsch

The latest achievement from Porsche Sonderwunsch is this 911 Classic Club Coupé, based on a Carrera type 996, the lowest rated 911. This version was built for the most important Porsche club in the United States, the Porsche Club of America.

Porsche 911 Classic

More than 24 months were needed to arrive at the final result. Aesthetically, the Classic Club Coupé is inspired by the 1972 Carrera RS 2.7, as evidenced by its “ducktail” spoiler. We will also notice the double boss roof and the Fuchs rims. Under the hood, the original 3.4-liter producing 300 hp gave way to a 381 hp GT3 Flat-6.

This Forgotten Porsche 911 Is Now Most Wanted

The 996 generation of the Porsche 911 was never really appreciated by purists. But the ugly duckling is becoming a magnificent swan: Porsche Classic has created this unique 911 Classic Club Coupe.

For traditional Porsche 911 fans, the switch from air-cooled to water-cooled boxer engines was hard to stomach. The first generation of 911s with water-cooled engines, codenamed 996, also shared many components with the “cheap” Boxster. That’s why it’s often overlooked by classic Porsche enthusiasts.

Special request

Unfairly, according to Porsche Classic, which wanted to highlight its Sonderwunsch (“special requests”) program. To do this, they took a 1998 911 Carrera 996 and transformed it into a unique specimen, which was dubbed the 911 Classic Club Coupe. This copy will go to the Porsche Club of America.

Sports Classic

The main inspiration for this 911 Classic Club Coupé comes from the 2009 911 Sport Classic. The Sport Gray Metallic body color, for example, is identical, while the double line running from the front hatch to the rear spoiler is a lighter version from that of the 911 Sport Classic. The rear spoiler, which comes from the legendary 911 RS 2.7, and the curved roof also refer to the 911 Sport Classic.

Roots of GT3

The 18-inch gloss black rims feature the same legendary Fuchs design. The chassis and brakes receive completely different components: those of the 911 GT3 of the 996 generation. The 3.6-litre boxer engine at the rear has also been transplanted from the GT3 and develops 381 hp. But the fact that this particular 911 is a model in its own right for Porsche is proven by the plaque on the dashboard that reads “911 Classic Club Coupe No. 001/001”. We bet that makes the 996 much more desirable for purists too?