[REVIEW] : Prices for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards week 14-2022: Prices are almost all going down again, YOUPI

Yes, yes, yes, prices are down again on many references and that’s Hyper Cool.

At the house of AMD first we have the RX 6600 XT which goes from 565.90 euros to 549.90 euros. Then there is the RX 6700 XT which goes from 749.90 euros to 699.90 euros. We even saw the card at 611.90 euros with the game of promo codes… Finally, among the reds, the RX 6900 XT also drops from 1399.90 euros to 1349.90 euros.

We start with the GTX 1660 Ti who loses 10 euros. More interesting, the RTX-3060 goes from 579.90 euros to 499.90 euros, less 80 euros in one week. The 3060 Ti, for its part, goes from 649.90 euros to 619.90 euros. The RTX-3070 loses 30 euros and its version You fact – 50 euros. The RTX-3080 is also under 50 euros, just like the RTX-3090 Besides.

What to know before buying a graphics card

The price remains high

Whatever one may say, the drop in prices is finally here and it allows you to breathe a little! However, if you can find RTX 3070s around 850€, where they cost more than 1000€ a few weeks ago, it is still a high price. You should know one thing, it is that the basic RTX 3070 is marketed around 500€ by Nvidia. Even if usually, the versions customized by manufacturers such as MSI, Zotac, EVGA, Asus or others are more expensive, it is not of that order.

In general, it takes 15 to 25% more than the indicative price from Nvidia to obtain a graphics card in the correct “custom” version. However, here, we are still more than 40% more expensive than the price from Nvidia. On the AMD side, the prices are also on a downward trend, even if in themselves they are starting to decrease and the decline has only just begun, the price of the cards is often more lenient at AMD.

However, before finding an affordable and correct price, it will take a few more weeks or even a few months. To tell the truth, the situation with the war in Ukraine did not increase the price of graphics cards again, but slightly slowed down the decline that had begun. Even on occasion, the cards remain expensive and resellers take advantage of this to charge prohibitive prices, sometimes even more expensive than the prices of new cards! But stocks of Nvidia graphics cards are becoming more and more important, second-hand prices will follow the drop in new prices.

New mid-range card or old high-end?

If it can help you in your choice, it may be worth buying a high-end older generation graphics card such as the GTX 980, 980 Ti or even the 1080 ranges. interesting, but on several conditions. First, the card being less efficient than the new current cards, it must be proportionate in terms of price. If you buy a GTX 980 at €400, it won’t be the deal of the century, far from it!

On the other hand, a $300 GTX 1080 Ti may be worth it, given that its performance is broadly equivalent to that of a 3060 Ti. But with that, you won’t benefit from Ray-Tracing and potentially from DirectX 12 depending on the cards. Buying a GTX 690, however, is not the best idea one can have. This card was certainly the most powerful when it was released, but is no longer really relevant. If it will allow you to run a lot of games in Full HD without worries, forget about 4K UHD on most games. Or forget the 60 fps, to see.

Buying a high-end graphics card from a few years ago is therefore a good idea, but one that must be mastered. Overall, if you’re going down a gen than a GTX 900 series, it won’t be a good plan. It is also advisable to know if the card has mined cryptocurrencies, so as not to see its performance significantly degraded compared to the initial performance. Working every day for several years puts a lot of strain on graphics cards.

How much power do I need?

Before buying a graphics card, apart from the budget and the aesthetic aspect, the main question is: how much power do you need. If it’s to play all the latest games in 4K Ultra HD 144 fps, of course, an RTX 3080 is a minimum, otherwise you might as well go straight for a 3080 Ti or a 3090. However, if you don’t need a A colossally powerful card, an AMD RX6700 XT or even a lower version will do.

Just take care to avoid the 6500 XT, deemed bad. Be careful however, buying a powerful graphics card can also allow you to last a few years with it. The concern when buying an entry-level card will be above all its durability over time. The latter will not be optimal and you may find yourself changing graphics cards more often than expected, certainly spending more money. Indeed, for twice the price of an RTX 3050, you can have an RTX 3070 Ti, significantly more than twice as powerful.

To start with the hard, let’s talk about the technical characteristics of this GPU from NVIDIA, the GA102 GPU has 10,752 CUDA cores, 84 RT Cores and 336 Tensor Cores. In comparison, the RTX 3090 has 10,496 CUDA cores, 80 RT Cores and 328 Tensor Cores. These two GPUs are therefore technically quite similar since the 3090 Ti simply has the maximum capacity of the chip unlike the 3090. Another change, NVIDIA now uses 2 GB memory chips from Micron against 1 GB on the 3090. fact, we only have 12 chips instead of 24 previously distributed on both sides of the PCB. The RTX 3090 Ti is a monster of raw power with 78 RT-TFLOPs, 40 Shader-TFLOPs, and 320 Tensor-TFLOPs.

Remember that this card is therefore intended for professionals and not for gamers as the marketing may suggest. Indeed, concretely the most high-end card intended for gamers is the RTX 3080 Ti, from the 3090 NVIDIA thinks its cards for professional use. Moreover, on this RTX 3090 Ti the memory is of ECC type. Something expensive and totally useless for classic uses or for gamers. This is a type of RAM with corrective code to detect and correct the most common types of data corruption. This type of memory is used in systems where data corruption can have serious consequences, such as for scientific or financial calculations. Moreover, since we are on a pro range, the NVLink is present.