[REVIEW] : PS4: a huge free PlayStation exclusivity due to a bug

If the PS4 and PS5 are so successful, it is mainly for their exclusives. This beginning of the year has proven to us that PlayStation has no equal when it comes to offering memorable games, like Horizon Forbidden West.

Even if the Japanese firm wants to please players, offering day one exclusives in its new PS Plus offers is not relevant. And offer them for free, even less. However, this is what happened with a flagship game from PlayStation, which Brazilian PS4 players were able to download for free for several hours.

PS5: a big exclusion made free in Brazil… by mistake


From time to time, strange bugs occur on the manufacturers’ digital stores or even at certain retailers, abnormally lowering the prices of the games: to tell the truth, it’s unclear if this is a technical issue or human error, but it’s still worth taking advantage of before a correction is applied.

In the case of Brazilian players, this is exactly what happened, much to the chagrin of Sony who had to bite their fingers: Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, the ultimate edition released just last year and including the full game and its Iki Island expansion, has seen its price drop by… 100%! Going from 69.99 euros to 00.00 euros inexplicably, many people have been able to acquire Jin Sakai’s adventure without spending a penny.

Clarification that only the PS4 version is concerned: however, players who were able to recover their surprise were able to upgrade their edition with a PS5 upgrade for the base price, i.e. 9.99 euros. Rather profitable, when you know that the game on the new Sony machine costs 79.99 euros, the high price.


After this lovely discovery, hundreds of players took the opportunity to share this impromptu flaw on social networks: inevitably, an insolent number of people rushed to the PlayStation Store to do the same. Enough for Sony Brazil to realize it and apply a means that is radical to say the least: suspend the game of digital sales.

For hours, Ghost of Tsushima simply could not be bought, the firm having preferred to cut ties to tackle the problem… which necessarily generated a small shortfall, in addition to the (involuntary) donation of the game in little more early. In short, a not very lucrative business for the Japanese giant, but mistakes happen even to the best.