[REVIEW] : Save $80 on this Google Smart Home bundle

Tired of coming home to a freezing house after work? We’ve got plenty on a simple fix you won’t want to miss. As part of its ongoing huge Presidents Day SaleBest Buy is offering $80 off this bundle that includes Google’s Nest smart thermostat and Nest Hub Max smart display so you can easily control your home from anywhere. The sale only lasts until tomorrow, February 21, so be sure to place your order before then.

The one simple thing about the Nest Thermostat is its design. This easy-to-install smart thermostat lets you control your home temperature from anywhere via the Google Home app, so you can turn on the heat from your office and have a warm house by the time you get home. You can create custom heating schedules and it has a built-in motion sensor so it can detect when you’re away from home and save you money on your energy bill by reducing automatically heat.

And using the Nest Hub Max smart display, you can also control the thermostat using the sound of your voice. Featuring a built-in microphone, the Nest Hub Max lets you activate and control any Smart device compatible with the Google Assistant, from locks to sockets to light bulbs, with hands-free voice control. It has a 10-inch HD display with Chromecast for video streaming and a 6.5 MP auto-framing camera so you can easily use it for video calls. And the stereo speaker system with a 30W subwoofer provides convenient music streaming with high-quality sound.

Google confirms its Nest Doorbell won’t charge in cold weather

Google has confirmed that its Nest Doorbell will struggle to hold a charge in cold weather, after many users reported issues with the device via Google Nest Support and Reddit.

Outlining how the smart video doorbell should perform in colder climates, the recently released support page addresses owners who are having issues operating even when the device was hardwired.

The product listing states that the doorbell’s operating temperature is -4°F (-20°C), which of course should be enough to cover almost all cases. Importantly, however, Google has now clarified that the minimum charging temperature is 32°F (0°C).

As Google explains, while the device may still work in this window, it won’t charge and may drain faster than usual. This is also why the doorbell struggles to stay powered despite receiving a trickle charge through a home’s existing doorbell wiring, which will naturally shut it down eventually.

Even when the doorbell is brought in from the cold to recharge, it can also take a while before it can pick up power, as it must reach 32°F (0°C). Some users have reported that this process can take days.

If so, the doorbell in the Google Home app will say “Paused charging” or “Slow charging”, along with an extended estimated charging time.

Interestingly, owners of the Nest Camera (outdoor/indoor, battery) have reported similar issues with the device’s battery life being drastically reduced in cold weather, although it can still work when it’s on. is wired.