[REVIEW] : The 8 Best Apps for Instagram

With these Instagram video content and image editing apps, you can increase your brand reach and get followers.

Instagram is one of the social networks with the most users in the world, and since its launch on the market it has changed considerably, going from a simple image sharing application to an extremely complete work tool with more of 100 million users.

Due to its great versatility, different applications have been created to make the most of it.

Instagram has a new hidden trick: so you can share photos faster than ever

These are the best apps for Instagram

  • Instagram layout
  • Adobe Lightroom: photo editor
  • Metricol for social networks
  • Video Editor – InShot
  • Hashtags for Instagram
  • Unfold: Story & Collage Maker
  • UNUM – ​​Instagram Feed
  • Canva: drawings, photos and videos

Instagram has an app called Instagram Layout, which tries to make pretty basic designs on your photos, this type of design can be collage, carousel or others. Its interface is extremely simple and intuitive, so you won’t need to be an expert in the field to learn how to use it.

When you run the app you can login with your Instagram account and once you are done with your design you can share it directly from the platform.

Additionally, you will be able to select up to 30 images to mix, as the designs are totally free, but it also includes a series of templates to help you in the process.

Adobe Lightroom: photo editor

With it, you’ll be able to add that professional touch to your photos that you’re looking for, whether it’s removing some blemishes, correcting colors, leveling saturation, or other types of editing.

And despite the fact that its interface is intuitive, it is recommended to study the basic editing settings, something you can get in abundance on YouTube.

Metricol for social networks

Having a detailed analysis of your social networks is of vital importance, especially if you have a profile with many followers. You can do this type of work thanks to Metricool, which tries to show a complete analysis of the different social networks.

Video Editor – InShot

InShot is another of the best applications you can use for Instagram, since this tool allows you to edit your videos before uploading them to the platform, and above all, in a very short time.

With this tool you will be able to mix different videos, add texts, add music, integrate filters, use predefined templates or create them yourself, among others.

Its inclusion with other social networks allows you to post statuses to multiple networks at the same time and even manage all your accounts from one place.

Hashtags for Instagram

For the positioning of Instagram photos or videos, the tags or also called #Hashtag have a great influence, however, it is sometimes difficult to clearly identify the tags, which are the ones that direct the search for people.

Fortunately, there are apps like Hashtags for Instagram, the most accurate and automatic way to know which hashtags are trending for each of your posts.

Its interface is quite intuitive, you just have to choose the niche: food, travel, nature, technology, generate the labels then click on the copy button. Once the hashtags have been copied, all that remains is to add it to your post.

Unfold: Story & Collage Maker

With this tool you can create collages, add filters, use stickers and stickers, and most importantly, it is constantly updated.

And not only that, you can also add text and choose from over 200 types of fonts. Once the story is finished, you can share it directly on Instagram or another social network.

UNUM – ​​Instagram Feed

If you are starting your virtual store or your entrepreneurship through Instagram and you want each of the images to be organized, then UNUM – ​​Instagram Feed is the ideal application for you. With this tool you will be able to perfectly plan the content of your account and even add mosaics to give a better appearance to your profile.

Using this app is quite simple, you just have to choose which image to use and the app will make the relevant adjustments, be it 4X4-4X6 or another of your preference. To make it more dynamic, you will have the option to make certain adjustments to the image.

Canva: drawings, photos and videos

Canva: Designs, Photos and Videos is one of the favorite apps to use on Instagram, especially if you’re new to the world of image editing. Its great versatility allows you to create beautiful publications in very few clicks.

Moreover, this tool includes a wide variety of templates, making it one of the favorites among users.

Instagram: Top 8 of the best applications for the social network!


Instagram is one of the most most popular at the moment. On the social network, you can post images, videos. Or even organize lives.

If you are an influencer, it is also a showcase to sell your name. All means are good to stand out from others.

Know that there are 8 applications to boost your audience. We will explain everything to you !

Pay attention to your layout

It’s no secret that the presentation of your page is very important. The more neat, the better!

Reveal your most beautiful photos with the help of filters. You can also make montages, collages. But also carousels.

Instagram’s Layout app should also help you. Its interface is also simple and very practical.

Switching your posts will therefore become child’s play. You will love. I promise !

Pimp your photos with Adobe Lightroom

Thus, you can erase all the imperfections of your posts with a snap of your fingers. You can also pimp the colors. But also the saturation level to name a few.