[REVIEW] : The House of the Dead: Remake could be coming to Xbox this month

Several months ago, there was speculation that The House of the Dead: Remake would be coming to Xbox after being listed on the ESRB’s Google Stadia page, indicating that it was likely to appear on Xbox. other platforms.

The indications are now clearer than ever, it’s no coincidence that images have apparently been spotted on the Microfost Store’s hidden listing for the title, as well as other stores like PlayStation.

The House of the Dead: Remake would no longer be a Switch exclusive

With all this, the video game that was launched as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, would arrive next April on the rest of the platforms. The new batch of games coming to Game Pass may come with this title, as its critical reception has not been favorable; thus, the chances of it coming with Game Pass to incentivize gamers, although none of this is official and is pure speculation.

The news is not only interesting for the possibility that we have to play this kind of arcade games, but its port to next-gen consoles would not be the most striking. The possibility of adapting the controls to play with the Xbox One’s Kinect makes this option a little more suggestive, since it would be more like the classic arcade game that The House of the Dead wants to emulate.

The House of the Dead remake hits the Microsoft Store

Developed since 2019 for an announced release exclusively Nintendo Switch, The House of the Dead: Remake gives us some hope for a future release on Xbox. Indeed, last year, the Polish publisher Forever Entertainment specified in its financial report that the title released in 1996 would also be entitled to an adaptation on Microsoft consoles.

Information that has given nothing in terms of communication since. But things are starting to move, certainly due to the game’s release on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Indeed, some people have been able to access a page of the game present on the Microsoft Storewhich obviously means that the title should land in the near future on Xbox.

No release date for the moment, but we imagine that Forever Entertainment will not take too long to communicate on the arrival of this The House of the Dead Remake on our machines.