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  5. [REVIEW] : The iPhone SE 3 is as tough as the iPhone 13

[REVIEW] : The iPhone SE 3 is as tough as the iPhone 13

[REVIEW] : The iPhone SE 3 is as tough as the iPhone 13

A drop test that validates the data sheet of the SE 3 In its marketing presentation, Apple claims that the iPhone SE 3 has “the toughest glass in a smartphone”. But while we expected the Ceramic Shield protection present on the screens of the iPhone 12 and 13, it turns out that this is not the case for the SE 3. Despite everything, the drop test of the iPhone SE 3 made by Allstate confirms that the device is very resistant. The cheapest iPhone survived its first 1.80m drop onto a sidewalk with “only minor scratches”. This is the same result as for the brand‘s most high-end devices. Then, the aircraft was dropped 2.5 meters on its side. Same, just a few scratches.

It had to be dropped on its back for the iPhone SE 2022 to crack, where the iPhone 12 and 13 were still mostly intact. But this difference can just as well be explained by a bad fall. Depending on the angle of impact, the result can vary completely or nothing. But Allstate believes it could be because the iPhone 13‘s flat sides offer better protection than the SE 3’s rounded edges. It withstood submersion of one meter for 30 minutes without any problem, like its more expensive older siblings. Anyway, we can only advise you to take protection to ensure the longevity of our new iPhone SE 3 by looking in our recent selection of cases and accessories. Even though iPhone glass is the toughest around, a good case provides valuable peace of mind.

During its presentation, Apple insisted on the solidity of the iPhone SE 3, thanks to the use of the most resistant glass of a smartphone. In tests conducted by Allstate (a firm that offers protection plans), these claims appear to be fairly accurate.

During these Allstate Protection Plans Breakability Tests, the iPhone SE 3 were therefore placed in a difficult situationwith three tests including falls from head height (about 1m80) on the screen, the sides and the back. The smartphone would have come out with only minor scratches except on the back. An impressive performance given the materials used (and the price difference between the models). Recall that the iPhone 13 has a Ceramic Shield glass, while the iPhone SE uses tempered glass.

To test IP67 ratinghe underwent a forced bath of 30 minutes, in 1 meter of water. The iPhone SE survived without issue, although there was some audio choking for an hour after its extended swim.