[REVIEW] : The Sepulcher of the Founders, the last raid of the Shadowlands extension of World of Warcraft is available

While patch 9.2 of the Shadowlands extension of World of Warcraft made its appearance on Wednesday February 23, letting players discover the new zone Zereth Mortis, this Wednesday marks the arrival of the last raid of the extension: The Sepulcher of the Founders.

The hour is grave in Shadowlands. By infiltrating the Sepulcher of the Founders, the Jailer continues to try to develop his domination. The Horde and Alliance have teamed up to try to defeat him. This last raid will bring you directly in front of Auduin, grabbed by the Jailer.

Regarding the Mythical mode with the famous World First race, the latter will start from March 9.

In addition to the opening of the raid, today marks several new features:

  • The arrival of Tazaveshthe hidden market in mode Mythic and Mythic+
  • The start of the Season 3 of Mythic+ Dungeons as well as the arrival of a new affix: Coded.
  • The arrival of a new World Boss: Antros, Keeper of Antecedents.

From March 9, legendary items can be upgraded up to rank 7enough to give players time to optimize their stuff, in particular by setting up armor sets.


The Sepulcher of the Founders raid is now live on WoW Shadowlands, however Rygelon is not yet accessible. Find its release date here.

Although the Sepulcher of the Founders raid is now available on World of Warcraft, not all bosses are yet. This is the case of Rygelon, one of the last 3 bosses of the raid. Blizzard has nevertheless announced its release date.

Rygelon will be available on March 9, 2022 in the Sepulcher of the Founders raid on Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty in WoW Shadowlands.

When is Rygelon in the Sepulcher of the Founders coming out in WoW Shadowlands?

Like the Dreadlords and the Jailer, Rygelon will be available on March 9 in the Sepulcher of the Founders raid on WoW Shadowlands. As soon as it is released, the boss will be available in Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty as announced by Blizzard on the game’s official website

Currently players can therefore only progress up to Anduin Wrynn, the eighth boss of the Sepulcher of the Founders. The last 3 bosses of the raid will therefore be unlocked next week. March 9 is also the release date of Mythic mode and therefore the start of progress for World First of this new tier of World of Warcraft.


Patch 9.2 of World of Warcraft has been released, bringing a new raid to WoW’s Shadowlands expansion: the Sepulcher of the Founders.

The first boss of this 11 boss raid is the Vigilant Guardian. Huge machine guarding the entrance to the raid, you will have to defeat it and an army of minions.

Strat for the Vigilant Guardian at the Sepulcher of the Founders on WoW

This fight takes place in 3 phase. During the first phase, you will face adds in order to awaken the Guardian. During the next 2 phases, you fight the boss directly. The last phase is a DPS rush.

The Vigilant Guardian strat in phase 1

During the first phase, you cannot attack the boss. During the whole phase, radioactive core deals damage to the raid. Many adds will appear in the room, all with different skills:

  • Prefab Sentinel : To be tanked behind the raid if possible. Dodge the Disintegration Wave which the add uses at 100 energy, aiming at tanks. Switch tanks every 4 stacks of Dissonance.
  • close defense drone : Cast 2 spells: Painful removal and Blast. Interrupt the last and heal the target of the first.
  • Automated Defense Matrix : The most important add of phase 1. It summons a protective field. In Heroic, this field also protects other adds.
  • Quickly kill them Unstable Matter.

Only these adds are not active. To activate them, you must kill the other adds close enough to them so that they transfer their energy when dying. Once enough adds have been eliminated, the Matrix activates and with it a protective field encircling it. You must go around the room to activate all the Dies by eliminating adds alongside them.

The Guardian also has energy, symbolized by a yellow bar in the middle of your screen. When he reaches 100 energy, he casts Exposed corekilling anyone who is not the protective field of a Matrix. Once Exposed core completed, all Living Automated Defense Matrix die, knocking their Unstable Core to the ground. In Heroic, the Matrix not don’t die at the end of Core Exposed, they fight. You have to finish them yourself.

Those Dies are the key to the fight. When they die due to Exposed Core, they drop an Unstable Core to the ground which, if thrown at the boss, allows you to advance to phase 2. You will have to kill all the matrices to advance.

The idea of ​​the phase is therefore to kill the adds close to the Diesto wait for the Guardian to use Exposed core protecting themselves with Dies then throw their hearts at the boss.

In addition to this rotation, you must take into account two other mechanics: To dodge the hexagonal zones activated by Refracted Burst. When you are targeted by Deresolutionexit the raid and run to dodge the ray that will follow you.

When the 3 Matrices have lost their Core, you can launch them and go to phase 2.

The Vigilant Guardian strat in phase 2 (40%-15%)

When phase 2 begins, the boss rolls out of the door. No one should be near the door. If you get run over, you’re dead. During the whole phase, fractured core Deals raid-wide damage periodically.

After using Pneumatic impact speak Guardianchange tanks.

You should always dodge areas created by Refracted Burst. Other hexagonal areas will be dodged this time starting in a star from the position of the active tank.

Some players will be targeted by Disintegration of matter. They must stray far enough from the raid. After a few seconds, the debuff explodes, causing orbs to appear in the room moving to the player’s last position. You absolutely have to avoid these orbs. In Heroicthe target is also slowed.

The Vigilant Guardian strat in phase 3 (15%-0%)

This phase is simply a race against time. All of you group under the boss to facilitate the work of the healers and give everything you have left to kill the Guardian before he kills you.