[REVIEW] : Top 10 Best Free Antivirus for Android

Smartphones, tablets and computers contain a variety of personal data sensitive. We are exposed to many considerable risks when information is stolen or when our systems are infected by malicious programs.

It is a priority to set up good security on your Android phone, for example. Installing an antivirus is a widespread and highly effective solution for enjoying good protection. You can adopt an excellent free antivirus on your Android.

There is a range of anti-malware software that is free or paid. They incorporate a range of features that best reinforce the level of security on the phones. Focus on 10 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android !

1.Total AV

Total AV is an antivirus trusted by millions around the world. The updates are quite frequent there allowing to have a maximum of protection. This antivirus offers real-time protection. It allows you to scan and automatically block threats on Android smartphones.

In addition to protecting against viruses, this software is an anti-spyware solution. None of your data or information is collected by third parties or hackers when you adopt this program. Total AV is also anti-adware, anti-ransomware and anti-malware. It also scans for breaches and provides advanced protection against malicious websites.

2. Avast Antivirus 2020

One of the oldest antivirus in this market, Avast is used by many people. Its 2020 version is renowned for offering particular efficiency. The software scans the smartphone for viruses. Everything’storage space is scanned to detect and destroy all types of viruses.

This program also blocks the operation of applications from unknown sources that may contain malware. The software also offers a firewall for traffic management (Wi-Fi or mobile data) of installed applications. A private space is also made available for the storage of data or personal information.


Originally designed for Windows system, Avira can now be used on Android smartphone. The application is just as incredibly effective on the phone as it is on the PC. This mobile version features a simplified interface which makes it easy to use for everyone.

Its use requires the creation of an account. In addition to the classic virus search and destruction functions, the application allows you to perform a phone lock and a remote storage data deletion.

The location of your phone is possible when it is lost or stolen. In addition, Avira has a blacklist to permanently block unwanted contacts.


Bitdefender is a free antivirus that can be downloaded from Play Store. Its use has almost no impact on battery life of the phone. Bitdefender easily detects all potential threats on a physical or online (cloud) storage space without the user having to do any major manipulations.

The user thus benefits from great protection against the corruption of his files or the piracy from his smartphone. However, Bitdefender has certain features paid that optimize its efficiency.

5. Dr.Web

With more than 100 million downloads on Play Store, Dr.Web is one of the most used protection apps in the world. The app is very lightweight. It only takes less than 1 MB to store it: this is its main strength. He introduces simple interface and totally customizable for better use.

The application is equipped with a SpIDer Guard which represents a real-time monitoring monitor of a phone. It therefore intervenes instantly to stop any threat. Dr.Web has various other features like;

  • anti-spam;
  • anti-theft;
  • the internet access controller,
  • the firewall.

All these features combine to make the application very complete. This digital preservation resource of security on android provides more security.

6. McAfee

McAfee is much better known by Windows users. However, the publisher has adapted the application for Android mobile phones. This version is free to download from Play Store. She offers a advanced protection and boosts the functioning of the smartphone.

Specifically, the application is both antivirus, antispyware and antimalware. The anti-theft function allows you to block access to personal data when the phone is reported lost.

The CaptureCam locks the phone and takes a picture of the person holding it. With this software resource, we can also have the location of the phone. A alarm can also be used to quickly find it if it is lost.

7. Panda Dome

Panda Dome can be used with Android OS smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. The app offers real-time virus protection. The user has the option of requesting a full analysis SD card and phone storage to check for virus or other possible threats.

The app has other popular features. It is possible to install an access check on certain applications deemed sensitive so that a third party cannot open it. Panda Dome also allows confidential data to be deleted remotely. Its anti-theft device allows you to lock and locate the phone in the event of theft or loss.

8.AVG Antivirus 2020

AVG antivirus is one of the computer protection software suitable for smartphones. The 2020 version integrates perfectly with the Android environment. His performance are welcomed by many users. AVG first shows its effectiveness in relation to the state of the battery (health and temperature). It also offers a possibility of setting in energy saving mode.

The application performs a full scan stored files. It analyzes SMS, MMS and user activity on the Internet in order to find and block any threat. This security software for android has other features like unwanted number call blocking for example.

9. 360 Mobile Security

The 360 ​​Mobile Security app is a security tool for Android smartphones. It cleans the phone from all types of viruses and dangerous files to provide better digital security. The protection is real-time, as the application automatically identifies corrupt or potentially dangerous files without the need to perform a scan.

This protection application also allows to optimize the operationof the phone. A complete analysis can be done on a regular basis in order to clean up the operating histories of inactive or little-used applications that clutter up RAM.

It also allows you to make a backup copy of the contact book in order to recover it with another device. Phone number blocking can also be done with 360 Mobile Security.


You can opt for ESET Mobile Security if you are looking for an advanced protection tool. This antivirus available for free download on Play Store scans phones to neutralize all threats. External devices connected through the USB port can also be scanned for potential viruses.

The app also acts as a shield against ransomware. This feature makes the application very well referenced among the free antivirus for android. ESET Mobile Security has other paid features. They contribute more to its effectiveness.