[REVIEW] : Total War: Medieval II is available on iOS and Android

This strategy game which combines turn-based preparation phases with real-time attack phases has not been modified in depth for smartphones and tablets, even if Feral has revised the controls to move them from the keyboard combo /mouse to a touch screen. The publisher has also improved the graphics so that they are better suited to the Retina screens of our modern devices. But for the rest, it is the entirety of the original game that you will find, which imposes some constraints, in particular storage.

Thus, 4.3 GB of storage space will be requisitioned by the game after its installation. On the hardware side, you need at least an iPhone 6S or an iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 or even an iPad 5. iOS 15 is recommended, even if the game can also work with iOS 14.

Total War: Medieval II: the medieval battle-hard strategy game on iOS

This is arguably the best game in the franchise: Total War: Medieval II, the simulation of medieval battles, cross swords on iOS (– 14.99 euros – iPhone/iPad). On three continents (Europe, North Africa and the Middle East), and in command of 17 factions (which will have to be unlocked in game), the player will find himself in charge of gigantic armies made up of infantry units, archers, without forgetting the cavalry and its brave knights. And of course, the mythical castle attacks are not forgotten, which should give the thrill to all those who, as kids, built sand castles which they then filled with mini-figurines.

Technically, the game remains solid (the graphics are a notch above the first “antique” Total Wars) and the interface has of course been adapted to take touch into account. The number of units displayed simultaneously on the screen is quite incredible and we can really praise the current power of our mobiles which allows this little tour de force.