[REVIEW] : Twitter’s last function will have lived only four days

On March 10, 2022, Twitter announced the arrival of a new feature for its users on iOS. This update offered two different views of tweets, separated into two tabs Home and Most Recent Tweets. The first made it possible to view the most relevant tweets according to the company’s algorithmic grub, while the second was content with the chronological display cherished by microbloggers.

But faced with the discontent aroused by this update, the company from across the Atlantic took only four days to change gear and delete its initiative. “We heard you, comments Twitter support. Some of you always want to see the latest tweets first. We have restored the timeline and removed the tabbed experience for now, while we explore other options.” Concretely, if you had not yet seen the change adopted by Twitter, you will never see it…

Twitter backtracks and re-proposes timeline feed

Last week, Twitter announced a major change to its interface, which can be defined as one of the worst decisions in the history of the social network. This consisted of displaying the default algorithmic news feed in the Home tab and placing the chronological feed in another tab. This new interface is currently available on iOS and was supposed to arrive on Android “soon”. The concern is that this novelty caused an outcry, and Internet users strongly criticized it on the platform. Indeed, many users prefer to see the most recent tweets first on their newsfeed. But the change in Twitter made it very difficult to access the most recent tweets. Twitter catches up and restores the most recent tweets This is why the blue bird social network has decided to backtrack and restore the interface that existed before this failed change. Twitter announced the news on its Twitter Support account on Monday, March 14, stating: “We heard you — some of you always want to see the latest tweets first. We have reinstated the News Feed and removed the tabbed experience for the time being while we explore other options.” It must be said that the algorithmic display of tweets in the news feed does not allow users to follow news easily, especially during important information such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine at the moment.

Twitter again removes its default algorithmic timeline

Since 2015 already, the tweeting service has been testing an algorithmic timeline, which should show users the “most important” tweets. This thread posts tweets based on what the algorithm thinks will be interesting for the user and especially repeats popular posts and tweets, which other users have “liked”.

Yet users have disapproved of this system from the start. So much so that in 2016, the company had already had to reverse its decision to use the algorithmic timeline instead of a classic chronological timeline, which only displays a list of tweets from people that users follow, starting with the most recent tweet.

In 2022, the company is doing it again. Last week on iOS, Twitter reverted algorithmic suggestions to the default, immediately drawing such a flood of criticism that the company shut down the experiment a few days later. Other disadvantages include, for example, the fact that a non-chronological system would make it particularly difficult to closely follow fast-moving news, as is currently the case with the Ukrainian conflict.

However, it would seem that the company is not admitting complete defeat. “We understood you. Some of you always want to see the latest tweets first,” she announced in a tweet, promising that she continues to look for other options.