[REVIEW] : Ubisoft brings Rabbids into the metaverse with The Sandbox

Ubisoft plans to bring “gaming IP elements” to The Sandbox. It is possible that the Rabbids do not stay long alone in the Land of Ubisoft. Game Maker creators can use voxed versions Rabbids while creating their own metaverse games.

Within its metaverse, The Sandbox has already partnered with several other companies. These include the record publishing group Warner Music. The partnership aims to create a music-themed world in the metaverse.

Opportunities to create original experiences

In a statement, Guillaume Mammi, Senior Director of New Business and Partnerships at Ubisoft, said: “We are thrilled to bring Rabbids to The Sandbox community. This will allow players to create their own original experiences incorporating elements from our gaming IP. We can’t wait to see how they make the world of Rabbids their own. The Sandbox is an obvious new fun playground to Rabbids’ long list of world invasions. This is a great opportunity for Ubisoft to experience a metaverse experience for its brands “.

Ubisoft has tried other gaming experiences alongside its metaverse experience. It was one of the first triple-A game publishers to announce own NFTs.



On February 8, 2022, The Sandbox announced in a tweet its partnership with Ubisoft. The video game publisher will have, as part of this collaboration, its own plot of virtual land LAND.

He will also include Rabbids in the metaverse. The company is known for popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s, Prince of Persia, Rayman, and of course Rabbids.

The video game giant will make Rabbids characters available to users of The Sandbox’s Game Maker tools.

Creators using the Game Maker will be able to use voxed versions of Rabbids to develop their own games in the metaverse. Voxelization is the transformation of a mesh into a 3D representation by voxels – the equivalent of pixels in 2D for 3D.

If such an initiative pleases cryptophiles, it is however far from unanimous in the community of gamers. Many Internet users have indeed expressed in the comments of the video above, their displeasure as for this arrival of the Rabbids in The Sandbox:

  • TR1PLE_6: “Don’t like it at all. I hate NFTs and wish this trend would go away! »
  • Sockman: “It’s a nightmare”
  • TheRealLuke: “Ubisoft, do you really want to know how much the public is going to hate you? »

How can we explain this hatred of some gamers towards the metaverse and NFTs? Non-fungible tokens are considered – rightly or wrongly – by their detractors as extremely polluting assets and therefore harmful to the planet.

Will Ubisoft give in to pressure from part of its community and backtrack on its plans to conquer the metaverse?

In view of these virulent criticisms of gamers against NFTs, some video game publishers prefer to play the card of caution. Nintendo has recently indicated that it does not plan to integrate NFTs if its fans object.