[REVIEW] : Valorant Act 3 Episode 4 Battle Pass – Release Date, Rewards List and More

The Valorant Act 2 Episode 4 Battle Pass will end soon and Riot is preparing for the release of the Act 3 Episode 4 Battle Pass. The next battle pass will include new shiny skins, player cards, friends, etc., and you can unlock them all by earning Battle Pass XP and leveling up.

Riot has announced the full details of the Valorant Act 3 Episode 4 Battle Pass, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including its release date, price, tier rewards , etc.

Valorant Act 3 Episode 4 Battle Pass Release Date and Price

The Valorant Act 3 Episode 4 Battle Pass will be released on April 27 after the end of Act 2 and will last approximately ten weeks. Players will be able to purchase it for 1,000 Valor Points, which is around US$10, with slight variations depending on the region you are in.

Valorant Act 3 Episode 4 Battle Pass Rewards

The next battle pass will bring back the new version of the extremely popular .SYS line in the game, which includes Vandal, Bucky, Sheriff, Stinger, as well as a Melee skin. On top of that, we’ll see once again that the Terrible Day for Rain is inspired by a popular Cypher meme and Riot intends to do more of that in the future.

Laura Baltzer, Riot Games Producer, said, “With our props, we’re trying to lean more and more into the memes that our players are using. For example, Terrible Day for Rain was inspired by the dismay Cypher 473ur the world feels whenever their agent is killed in another cutscene. Diffuse Denial is all about those controller players that have the perfect lineup planned for every factory slot. You might notice we’ve even included a protractor for everyone’s favorite circle scrum.

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Each tier of the Valorant Act 2 Episode 4 Battle Pass will contain rewards, including both free and paid rewards. Here is a list of them all.

Free Rewards

  • Ragna-Rock Out Buddy
  • look behind you
  • UltraBright Torch Companion
  • Yellows on Rails Player Card
  • Coalition: Cobra Frenzy

Rewards Paid

  • .SYS Vandal
  • .SYS Ax (Melee)
  • Shade Change Ghost
  • Hue Shift Shorty
  • Back seat training spray
  • Terrible day for the rain jet
  • Unstoppable // Phoenix Player Card
  • Buddy of Deep Divisions