[REVIEW] : Valorant: Game Act 2 Release Date, 4th Episode Battle Pass Start Time

Valorant Act 2 Episode 4 begins this week, and the developers at Riot Games have given us a first look at the new content and cosmetics coming to the game.

The next major launch into the gaming world comes this week with the release of Act 2 of Valoarant, complete with a new Battle Pass and Skinline.

And while fans won’t have a new Agent to try out in March 2022, they’ll be treated to plenty more content updates. The new Gaia’s Vengeance skinline is set to be one of the major updates, as is the new Battle Pass for Valorant Episode 4.

Valorant Act 2 release date and Episode 4 start time

Riot Games has confirmed that the release date for Episode 4 of Valorant Act 2 has been set for Tuesday, March 1, 2022. As in the past, North American servers should be updated first, followed by those in Europe. Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 is scheduled to begin after 6am PDT on March 1, followed by a similar time on March 2 in the EU region.

More information should be released on Valorant server maintenance and the new update in the coming hours. Fans have also been notified that ranked play is ending and a new season will begin soon.

Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass and Gaia’s Vengeance Skinline

As confirmed by Riot Games earlier this month, the new Battlepass for Episode 4, Act 2 will cost 1,000 PV and will also contain free Highlights. Free items open to everyone will include Striker Classic, Tactibear’s Balalaika Spray, Crying Mance Spray, Versatile Slipper Gun Buddy, and #SAVEWIDEJOY Player Card.

Valorants’ latest skin line will be called Gaia’s Vengeance and will feature weapons fashioned from magical antlers that grew before the reign of mankind. Possessing the power to create life or take it away, their twisted roots harness the crystals in the ground to protect the forest from those who seek to harm it. This new skiline will be available on March 1, the same day as the new Battle Pass, priced at 7,100 VP for the full bundle.

Release date and time VALORANT Episode 4 Act 2, what time does Act 2 of Valorant start?

What time does Valorant Episode 4 of Act 2 start?

Like last time, Riot Games has not officially revealed the release time for Episode 4 Act 2 of Valorant, but we have an idea of ​​the start time for Episode 4.

Riot Games has a habit of releasing new major updates at different times in different regions. Usually the new update is coming at 5 a.m. GMT for the European region. So if the output schema remains the same, Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 will arrive in France on Wednesday March 2, 2022 at 6 am.

Moreover, the time of maintenance for major updates takes about four hours. However, the downtime may be less since we won’t have a new agent or map in the next act.

Once Riot releases the update, you can check its status on the Valorant server status page. Currently, the server status says “The act’s competitive queue is ending soon”.