[REVIEW] : Vanguard: Players want this special camo back

After the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, Vanguard players were quickly disappointed to see what camouflages looked like in the Battle Royale. Unfortunately, the community hasn’t really been happy with the camouflages since the launch of the game, but it’s hard to see how the developers could improve them.

Players are now requesting new individual mastery camouflages. Following the appearance of the Obsidian camouflage on Modern Warfare in 2019, many players want to see something similar on Vanguard.

Much like Modern Warfare, it launched with three mastery camouflages, so we don’t really expect to see any more. But players would like to see a camouflage like Obsidian to add a bit more spice to the Gold, Diamond and Atomic camouflages.

On Reddit, players discussed these mastery camouflages and how badly they would want at least one new one on Vanguard. Even though most comments agreed that the Obsidian camo wasn’t the best visually, its challenge is cool and could be cool on Vanguard as well.

A new camo like this would be great for players who don’t have a lot of time to spend on Call of Duty: Vanguard. Maybe they are only used to playing a few hours a week and therefore focus on 2 or 3 weapons in the Multiplayer mode, which would therefore prevent them from obtaining the Atomic camouflage.

But an Obsidian-type camo might work for this more casual type of player. The idea is very interesting but we should now wait to see if Sledgehammer Games would like to integrate a new type of mastery camouflage on Vanguard or not.

This cheat on Warzone allows you to kill in two shots without recoilless with the bren

The Bren is an extremely powerful choice in Vanguard and Warzone multiplayer. What’s more, a new trick allows him to two shot opponents without recoil.

LMGs are generally not the most popular weapons due to their low mobility and sometimes high recoil. But the Bren has become one of the most popular weapons in Warzone and Vanguard.

Vanguard players have discovered a trick that allows the Bren to destroy enemies without any knockback.

The Bren, a serious competitor to snipers in Vanguard and Warzone?

Reddit user Matthew106 said that “the Bren is actually the most accurate LMG in the game.” Then he showed how switching to semi-automatic mode eliminates all recoil.

In the attached clip, the player can be seen pulling the trigger so that the recoil brings the barrel all the way to the roof. Then they put the Bren in semi-automatic mode, and the weapon doesn’t move an inch.

Matthew106 and players in the comments say this makes a great long range build. Indeed you can use accessories that negatively affect recoil without impact. He explains that this makes it a “weapon that two shots recoilless with a 100 round magazine”, which is “just too strong”.

But, it seems the Bren is the only LMG this applies to, since Matthew106 said you’ll lose too much TTK for a “tiny change in accuracy” with the MG42 and DP27.

Other players have revealed that you can do this with the BAR and NZ-41 as well, as their first shots have very little recoil.

It’s possible that this will be fixed in a future update, but the semi-automatic mode is only really effective at medium distance. However, this will allow it to compete with sniper rifles.

Call Of Duty Festive Fervor Event Is Live In Vanguard And Warzone

The Call of Duty Festive Fervor event is now live in Vanguard and Warzone, and players can get into the holiday spirit with limited-time challenges and seasonal game modes. Elves can be chased across Vanguard and Warzone for rewards, and the folk creature known as Krampus stalks players in both games.

Challenges of the festive fervor of the avant-garde

  • Defeat Krampus 3 times: Rewards 1 Battle Pass Level Skip
  • Kill 10 Elf Six team members hiding on MP maps: Cookie Crumbler calling card rewards
  • Open 5 care packages: rewards gift receipt sticker
  • Get 5 kills with killstreaks: Rewards one hour double XP token
  • Complete 10 Armageddon matches: Rewards Santa’s Delivery Calling Card
  • Complete 15 matches during Expedition: Rewards Tanenbaum Weapon Charm

Warzone Festive Fervor Challenges

  • Play Warzone for 7 hours: Rewards one hour double XP token
  • Travel 25 miles in Warzone: Rewards Derailed Spray
  • Do 365 damage to Krampus in Warzone: Rewards Skullflake Emblem
  • Destroy 12 elves in Warzone: Toy Gun Calling Card Reward
  • Open 24 Vacation Crates in Warzone: Naughty List Emblem Rewards
  • Access 8 points of interest in Warzone: Rewards the Gnome Wars Calling Card

Vanguard Event Details for Multiplayer and Zombies

For Vanguard, Festive Fervor includes holiday-themed modes.

Armageddon mode is a modified version of Call of Duty’s Drop Zone mode from other titles. In this limited-time mode, gift-wrapped care packages drop across the map. At the start of a match, both teams must fight for control of a marked area, where care packages arrive on a set timer until a specific number of them are collected. At this point, the area rotates to a new area. Unlike previous versions of Drop Zone, points are only scored by kills, with bonus points being awarded for kills earned with killstreaks.

In Elf Team Six, players earn killstreaks by seeking out and destroying the elite Elf Team Six. Hidden around Vanguard’s multiplayer maps, members of the Elf Six team appear randomly in matches. Players who kill these elves will earn match score and killstreak progress.

In addition to seasonal modes, Krampus also terrorizes Vanguard players. This seasonal folk legend is described for multiplayer as “something else in store for those who act mean and don’t play objective in respawn-enabled game modes, or camp out in Team Deathmatch.” Krampus appears during matches and targets whoever has the least impressive objective score. The creature will eliminate its target with a finishing move if it cannot kill it fast enough.

The Vanguard Expedition map now has a very festive makeover for the Festive Fervor event, which includes snow cover on the ground, Christmas trees, and presents.

Unfortunately, zombies were snubbed with the Festive Fervor event. The holiday update for Zombies is just bringing some seasonal decorations to the Der Anfang base areas in Stalingrad. This event doesn’t even include challenges for Zombies mode, as the Vanguard challenges for Festive Fervor must be completed in multiplayer.

Warzone Event Details

For Warzone, Festive Trees have been added to Caldera. Marked on the map by a special tree icon, these temporary landmarks can be found at various points of interest across the island. Any squad that stays in the fir tree area for a short time will cause several supply boxes to magically spawn, including special holiday crates that can contain legendary items for that match, limited-time rewards, or even coal.

Krampus is also stalking players in Warzone. Krampus can be found on both Caldera and Rebirth Island, where within minutes of a match starting he will begin chasing players. Unlike Vanguard, Krampus picks targets randomly in Warzone, but Activision teases that he tends to hunt down those who received Coal from Holiday Crates. If killed, Krampus will offer a special permanent reward.

Elves lurk on the Caldera and Rebirth Island maps. These elves will cause problems for players, as they yell at any player who is within 10 yards of them. Squads that find and destroy them will receive rewards like a double XP token or a calling card.

Battle Pass Gifts

During this giveaway season, Activision is giving players battle pass giveaways for those who already own Vanguard or purchase it before December 31. These rewards will be available immediately:

  • 10 Season 1 Battle Pass Tier Skips
  • A 10% XP bonus for players, weapons and battle passes during Season 1
  • All 24 Vanguard Tiers of Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Battle Pass. If players haven’t already earned them last season, anyone who buys Vanguard will get them for free

Festive fervor is also a good time to take it to the next level. Double XP is now available in Vanguard for Player, Weapon, Operator, Battle Pass, and Clan XP. For Warzone, Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP are active.


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