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[REVIEW] : Western Digital launches its 20TB WD Red Pro hard drive

[REVIEW] : Western Digital launches its 20TB WD Red Pro hard drive

Western Digital today announced the availability of its brand new 20TB hard drive, the WD Red Pro.

The WD Red Pro 20TB CMR is optimized for NAS enclosures (up to 24 bays) and designed for high-intensity workloads in 24/7 connected environments. Made with OptiNAND™ technology, the new WD Red Pro 20TB drive helps SMBs and large enterprises store, share and protect rapidly growing amounts of data, such as high-resolution videos, 3D models and animations, CT/MRI images and other healthcare and science workloads.

The hard disk is referenced WD201KFGX and is announced at 268 MB/s with a cache memory of 512 MB and a rotation speed of 7200 rpm. Like the other large capacities in the range, it is given for a lifespan of one million hours with a workload of 300 TB per year.

Western Digital adds a 20TB model to the WD Red Pro family

The manufacturer Western Digital expands its range of hard drives WD RED Pro with new storage capacity. From now on, the WD RED Pro are therefore available with a capacity of 20 TB.

Remember that WD Red Pro hard drives are hard drives optimized for use in NAS and that they support up to 24 bays. They can work without interruption 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The manufacturer intends them primarily for businesses.

The 20 TB WD RED Pro (WD201KFGX) is reminiscent of the 20 TB WD DC HC560 that we recently reviewed on Bhmag. Indeed, the two hard drives have in common their large storage capacity (20 TB) but also the number of platters (9 platters of 2.2 TB), the amount of cache memory (512 MB), their operating speed (7200 rpm) and even support for OptiNAND technology.

The WD RED Pro 20TB supports CMR write technology. It offers transfer rates of 268 MB/s. Its endurance is 300 TB per year and its MTBF reaches one million hours.

In short, if the WD HC HC560 is more intended for use in Data Centers, the WD RED Pro is more intended for use in small and medium-sized businesses that wish to back up their data on a NAS.

As such, the WD RED Pro integrates NASware 3.0 technology into its firmware. The manufacturer explains that this is the “guarantee of perfect integration, rock-solid data protection and optimal performance for NAS systems used in very demanding environments. “

Western Digital WD Red Pro 20TB: The drive is now available

Western Digital today announced the availability of its brand new mechanical hard drive, the WD Red Pro. The latter, with a storage capacity of 20 TB, offers everything you might need with this type of product.

Naturally, it’s not a hard drive to put in all PC cases but to put in a NAS above all, up to 24 bays. This means that you can accommodate up to 24 hard drives of this capacity in a NAS. Or 480 TB of storage, enough to put some data from an SME or large company!

This HDD supports high-intensity work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is manufactured with OptiNANDTM technology, which makes it possible to store and share large quantities of data. No worries therefore for high resolution videos, animations and 3D models, nothing scares him or almost.