[REVIEW] : WhatsApp: a super practical function for voice messages arrives on Android

For several months, the “voice message” functionality of WhatsApp has been the subject of small changes here and there to make it even more practical. Last year, for example, it was possible to stop a recording in order to listen to it better in case of doubt or error. If you didn’t like it, then you could delete it.

At the beginning of January 2022, the Meta platform went further by giving the opportunity to stop and resume a recording… only on a computer. Knowing that a majority of people use the mobile application, and not the computer one, we expected WhatsApp to quickly decline this function on smartphones. Good news, it should be the case in the relatively near future.

WhatsApp for Android therefore showed a certain small r****d which should soon be filled. Some images of this novelty have even been shared by the insatiable WABetaInfo, who spends his time rummaging through the application. Instead of the “stop” button there would be a “pause” button. Just click on it to stop and resume his voice.


If in doubt about the first part of his recording, listening to it again is quite possible. This can be handy in many ways: if you are hesitant about following your spoken message, stopping it and then resuming it would now be an option. Same song if someone is about to interrupt you.

Its deployment in beta suggests a wider availability in the relatively near future. This novelty would be added to a long list of projects already carried out or still under development: simplification of research, better use of emojis or even redesign of telephone calls.

WhatsApp launches a function to control the recording of voice notes

WhatsApp for Android now lets you pause and resume recording voice notes.

WhatsApp is the tool that more than 2,000 million people around the world use every day to communicate with their friends and family, but since the arrival of this messaging client, the way we communicate with our loved ones has changed. voice notes more than SMS.

For this reason, the messaging app owned by Meta is focusing its efforts on improving this feature and a good proof of this is that after recently enabling background audio playback, WhatsApp has now just launched a new function that will allow us to control the recording of voice notes.

This is the new voice memo recording control function

As the guys from the specialized media WABetaInfo tell us, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, with the version number, includes a new function that will allow us to both pause and resume the recording of ‘a voice note, a feature that It was already available in the desktop version and the iOS version.

Until now it was only possible to stop the recording of a voice note, but from now on, as you can see in the screenshot that we leave you on these lines, when you start recording a voice note, we can pause or resume it by pressing a new red pause button that appears just below the voice waves.

This new feature to control the recording of voice notes is already reaching some users of the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, but if you are using this version and you have not received this new function yet, be patient, because in a few days you have it available.

WhatsApp: you will finally have a more complete voice message tool on Android

WhatsApp Android: new for voice messages

Over the years, voice messages have become more important in the daily lives of users of various instant messaging applications, thus changing the way they communicate with those around them. More user-friendly, voice exchanges on WhatsApp, for Android users, until then still did not allow you to pause a voice while recording it. A situation that is about to change very soon.

WhatsApp is working on message search shortcut, message reactions, etc.

WhatsApp has been loaded with many useful features and tested more features to improve the experience of its app users.

Currently, you have to go through a somewhat lengthy process if you want to search from your messages in WhatsApp, which includes locating a specific chat or group chat window, then pressing the three-way menu points and research. It looks like the app will have an easier way to search for a message in a future update.

Beta version of WhatsApp for Android brings the new search shortcut. Although it looks analogous to WhatsApp’s current search solution, it’s different in that it lets you search directly from the personal contacts and groups information pagewithout having to go to a specific group or chat where you think the message was sent.

This feature is currently being tested with a small group of beta testers, and some are reporting a slight issue where the shortcut sometimes does not appear. However, as you can imagine, this is still a test, so some glitches and bugs are expected.

So far, there is no official information on when the feature will go into a public release.

Reactions to messages with emojis, a revamped UI for voice calls

The search shortcut isn’t the only thing WhatsApp has tested recently. Among the new features the company is currently working on are also reactions to messages with emojis, long overdue. The reactions to the messages have been something that WhatsApp is currently r****d on compared to its competitors.

Another feature WhatsApp is working on is a revamped user interface for voice calls. Keep in mind that since this is a beta, functionality may change as it develops before its official global release. In addition to this, WhatsApp will get wallpapers for voice calls.

But the list of features the company has been working on lately doesn’t stop there. WhatsApp is also working on creating call links for a future update, which will allow people to quickly join voice calls by simply following a link. What’s great is that the call link will give you the option to share it with anyone, even people who are not in your contact list.

Additionally, the app will also get a new shortcut to quickly manage status update privacy settings. This change was spotted in a beta for Android, but should also be available for iOS users.

WhatsApp is testing animations for message reactions on Android

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has reportedly been working on a message reaction feature that would allow users to react to messages like we do on Instagram and Twitter. Now WhatsApp has been spotted working on a new animation for when a user reacts to a message. Post reactions will be tested on the beta channel for Android, iOS, WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp desktop app before being rolled out to end users.

The new animations show the reaction of the selection emoji falling into place at the bottom of the message, and they can be used to draw the user’s attention to the emoji reaction. The feature is not available to users or testers at this time and is currently under development, according to the report. It also comes shortly after WhatsApp was spotted working on message reactions on the WhatsApp Desktop beta.