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[REVIEW] : WhatsApp allows you to listen to your voicemail messages from another conversation

[REVIEW] : WhatsApp allows you to listen to your voicemail messages from another conversation

WhatsApp is updating and making it easier to listen to voice messages. The latter is no longer interrupted when you navigate in the application.

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging application. To maintain its user base and attract more and more, it must offer the most successful experience. This involves regularly adding new features and other improvements. Here comes today a little novelty that could prove very useful on a daily basis.

WhatsApp updates and makes it easier to listen to voice messages

WhatsApp allows users to send voice messages, but in use, the problem is that recipients must be in the conversation linked to the message to be able to listen to it. And if they change the conversation during the reading, the latter stops and you have to listen to everything again. The latest update changes that.

The developers have just deployed a new version that allows users to continue listening to voicemail messages after changing the conversation. Just as it is possible to watch a YouTube video in WhatsApp and it continues to play when you leave the conversation to go to another.

The latter is no longer interrupted when you navigate in the application

This feature had already been spotted in a beta version, so it seems that it is now ready to be offered to everyone. This novelty is part of a set of changes initiated by WhatsApp around voice messages. Among these, we could notably mention the possibility of pausing the reading where, previously, it was necessary to start everything from the beginning if by chance the reading had been stopped.

Other changes include the ability to replay a voice message before sending it. Perfect to avoid sending unfinished messages or if you have expressed yourself badly, for example. A good thing in any case that WhatsApp has decided to improve this aspect of its service. There is no doubt that voice messages will thus be used more on a daily basis.

The two big news coming to WhatsApp with its latest update

WhatsApp is getting an update that introduces two cool new features: the ability to play audio in the background and preview files.

A new version of WhatsApp has started rolling out across major app stores, introducing two major changes that users have been waiting for.

On the one hand, the possibility of listening to voice messages without having to stay in the chat in which they were received, or even when the application is in the background, has been included. Additionally, WhatsApp has introduced the ability to preview received files in chats.

Preview files and audio in the background: now available WhatsApp

The ability to play audio in the background was one of the most requested features by WhatsApp users. Other popular messaging apps like Telegram already had the ability to play voice memos while using other apps or accessing other chats, and WhatsApp was one of the few that didn’t yet include such a feature. .

Now, with the latest available version of the application, it is now possible to leave a conversation while continuing to listen to audio. Also, WhatsApp voice memos will continue to play when the app is closed.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has included in the Android beta the option to preview documents in chats. Until now, when sending or receiving files of type JPG, PNG, PDF or DOC, only the name of the file appeared accompanied by an icon representing the type of document. With this new version, the application now displays a preview with which to see part of the contents of the file.

The feature is still in beta and you can see how the previews are displayed in low resolution and don’t seem to be available for all files.

WhatsApp is updated with a novelty for voice messages


About a month ago, tests began to listen to a voicemail also in another chat, a feature that essentially allows you to continue listening to a voice while browsing in a different chat. With version 22.4.75, this feature is finally available. This will allow you to start listening to an audio message and switch to another chat, reply to a friend or write a message in a group. All of this obviously with an excellent solution of continuity, thus avoiding interruptions in reading.

In short, with this new update comes another important element for this application. In recent weeks, the app has introduced several new features such as iOS 15 notification support and Full Immersion mode.