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[REVIEW] : WhatsApp Beta includes a preview of links and archived chats

[REVIEW] : WhatsApp Beta includes a preview of links and archived chats

It looks like the WhatsApp team is working on the Windows app like never before. We have an application with a current design, fast and which integrates perfectly with the design of Windows. Now it also incorporates new features that are highly requested by users.

First, now when adding a link to a conversation, we will preview the content. This unifies the look of the app on iOS and Android. This way we will not only have a link but more information about what we are going to see before entering.

On the other hand, we will also have easy access to archived discussions. With direct in-app access so we don’t have to search for cats like we used to. By simply clicking on the new button, we can easily access these less frequent chats.

It continues to amaze us with the love the WhatsApp team puts into the app on Windows right now. Its operation is very good and they embrace all the solutions offered by Microsoft. It’s unclear whether it’s that Microsoft has facilitated the development or that the development team of the popular instant messaging client has come out of its lethargy. Few other options could we suggest to WhatsApp developers considering the good work they are doing.

WhatsApp includes archived chats in latest Windows beta update

The new beta version of whatsapp for windows has integrated the possibility of access archived chats as well as the ability to archive and unarchive conversations and the introduction of icons in the chat options.

This new update comes from WhatsApp for Windows beta 2.2213.3.0 available on the Microsoft Store and is already being rolled out, reports WABetaInfo, a media specializing in previewing new features of the instant messaging application .

New features include the ability to view archived chats, as well as the ability to archive and unarchive conversations at the WhatsApp user’s convenience on Windows.

WABetaInfo reports a few “bugs” or errors present in this new feature, such as the fact that unarchiving a chat does not automatically refresh the list of conversations. However, they remind us that they are part of the WhatsApp script, which is used to “develop and release new features, update by update”.

The version of archived chats included in this beta version of WhatsApp for Windows is the latest version, which means that it will keep archived chats even after new messages are received.

In addition to this new feature, WhatsApp has also introduced new icons in its Windows version. that appear when opening chat options, including files, links, and groups, among others.

You will soon be able to add a poll to WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp may be considering adding another useful feature to its chat app, according to a leaked screenshot of a work-in-progress addition.

The change would add the ability to poll your group chats, asking a question and offering up to 12 potential answers for people to choose from, so you can get an idea of ​​what the group prefers.

Chat members will be able to vote or check the results, without giving their own opinion.

Polling is a feature that Meta brought to Facebook Messenger a long time ago, so it will be a welcome addition to WhatsApp, given how many groups are hosting social events using its group chat options.

Even if you think you’ll never use a poll, it’s the kind of feature that won’t change your use of the app at all but will just exist in the background, so we’ll keep an ear to the ground to find when it could actually be put online.

After all, until WhatsApp or Meta makes a public statement about it or confirms it’s coming, it’s still entirely possible that it will end up on the cutting room floor.

WhatsApp: the arrival of the survey mode is becoming clearer

The news continues to flow from the side of WhatsApp. A rumor that we reported a while ago seems to be coming to fruition: with the release of the beta version for iOS, we find that the polling functionality continues to be developed.

It is once again thanks to the work of WABetaInfo that we discover new details on the polling functionality that WhatsApp is about to integrate into its application. Themselves who had already informed us of the arrival of new features such as being able to pause a voice recording or even being able to send messages to people who are not part of your contacts.