[REVIEW] : WhatsApp is updated with a new function that will make it easier for you to find messages

WhatsApp for Android now includes a new shortcut to search chats.

These first months of the year are very intense within WhatsApp, since the messaging client owned by Meta has continued to include new features in the beta version of its Android application since the beginning of 2022.

So, after updating its instant messaging platform with long-awaited features such as background audio playback or a new interface for voice calls, now WhatsApp Beta for Android has just been updated with a new function that will facilitate your search for messages.

This is the new WhatsApp shortcut for message searches

WhatsApp had been improving the contact information of chats for some time and now, as you can see in the screenshots that we leave below these lines, when accessing the profile view, both in private chats and in groups, you A new direct access appears at the top with the title Search which will allow you to quickly and easily search for messages in said conversation.

Until now, to search the message history of a chat, you had to click on the menu button located at the top right of the application and click on the Search option.

Once you press this shortcut, you will return to the chat you are in and the WhatsApp search view will open, through which you can locate a specific message by simply typing some of its text in the search bar.

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This new WhatsApp feature is only available, at the moment, for beta users, so if you want to try both this feature and other future ones before everyone else, we recommend that you sign up for the beta program of this email client by following this simple tutorial.

WhatsApp wants to simplify your searches within a conversation

Over the course of updates and new features, WhatsApp is trying to transform the user experience of its community without disrupting its habits. Meta’s platform therefore goes about it bit by bit, adding minor functionalities here and there which then fit into the service.

Between the small facelift of voice calls, the arrival of emojis-reaction, the optimization of voice messages or new photo editing tools, recent examples are many and varied. This time, it’s the turn of the “Search” button to experience a new adventure.


Previously, it was necessary to press the three small vertical dots placed at the top right of a discussion, then click on “Search”. This constitutes an additional step for the user. In the idea, WhatsApp therefore wants to remove a step and optimize your search process.


There is also another way to search for a piece of conversation: directly from the main interface, using the “Search” icon, also placed at the top right. With the difference that this function casts a wider net and focuses on all your exchanges, and not one in particular.

This shortcut will be available on both private and group chats. Undoubtedly, this small adjustment should be on our smartphones in the relatively near future, since already in beta with a group of users. So it’s only a matter of time.