[REVIEW] : WhatsApp tests one of the best functions of its application for iOS on Android

WhatsApp tests one of the best functions of its application for iOS on Android

One of the best features of WhatsApp for iOS will soon be available in the Android version.

Generally, WhatsApp has feature parity between its iOS and Android apps. The most common is to see that app features are available on both platforms…although that’s not always the case.

For some time, WhatsApp for iOS has offered a useful feature that allows you to blur specific parts of an image before sending it.

You can blur images before sending them on WhatsApp for Android

Not too long ago, another popular messaging app like Signal introduced the ability to blur faces or parts of an image. In this way, users can hide sensitive parts of an image when sending it.

In WhatsApp, this useful feature was introduced in iOS a few months ago. On Android, it was not yet available.

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For the moment, the function is not available for users, but everything seems to indicate that it will be available very soon with a future update. In fact, it was even possible to share a screenshot that shows what this option will look like once integrated into WhatsApp for Android.

In addition to this novelty, WhatsApp is already testing other new functions such as the possibility of carrying out polls in chats, or changes in the interface of voice calls. It is clear that there will be a few months full of news for the most used messaging application in the world.

WhatsApp is working on introducing polls to the app

As part of what is safely called a regular ritual, WhatsApp is testing a new feature. This feature will allow you to conduct surveys for other peoplemuch like you can already do on websites like Twitter, among others.

It is revealed that users in a WhatsApp group chat will be able to create a poll by entering a question. This feature will allow you to ask other people questions and then the votes can make the decision. It will come in handy in situations where you need to decide on a vacation spot, or perhaps a party theme for the group.

Although full details about the WhatsApp Poll feature are not yet available, it is confirmed that it will be group chat only (which makes sense!) and will be end-to-end encrypted, so you know that these polls will be sure.

As it is still under development, we should see more details, including its availability on this new WhatsApp feature, hopefully in the coming weeks.

Lots of new things

The publication also reports that WhatsApp will soon allow users to follow the groups and communities they are part of. The Communities tab, when the feature is live, will take the place of the Camera tab. In this section, you will be able to see all the communities and groups you are part of. Like the polls feature, there is no timeline for implementing the Communities feature.

Also, in addition to Communities, the Meta-owned messaging platform is also testing a bunch of other features like the new camera UI, message reactions, changes to voice recordings, and more. .

What will change on WhatsApp in March/April

reactions to messages

WhatsApp will soon implement reactions via emoji. Users will be able to add them to received messages. The recipient will then see them directly.

To take advantage of this future functionality, the sender will have to press the down arrow, located at the top right of each bubble. A “React to message” notification will appear on the screen, all you have to do is click on it to access a list of several emojis.

New access to emojis

In the same theme, the universal application (UWP) of WhatsApp for Windows will soon benefit from a new shortcut system. This feature hopes to make finding emojis easier.

To take advantage of this new shortcut, users will need to type in certain keywords preceded by a colon. The emojis will then appear on a banner above the input space.

For now, this feature is only available on UWP beta 2.2206.1.0.

Growing Communities

Communities could be introduced on the iOS version of WhatsApp. Users will then have the option to collect their group conversations.

The Communities function should make it possible to bring together up to ten sub-groups within the same discussion space around a chosen theme. The administrators of a community will be able to invite new people to join them via an invitation system by QR Code or by a more classic link.

In short, it will be possible to share the same message at the same time on up to 10 different groups. Note that, to take advantage of this function, it will normally be necessary to be an administrator of each group.

Enabling two-factor authentication

Soon, WhatsApp will offer the activation and management of two-factor authentication via a PIN code. And this, on mobile devices, but also in the web and desktop applications of the messaging service.

Better management of voice recordings on Android

Similar to WhatsApp iOS and the desktop version, users of the app on Android will soon be able to pause and resume voice recordings.

WhatsApp has started gradually rolling out a new beta update for Android users. Thanks to this, Android users will be able to pause the recording of a voice note on their smartphone. They will also be able to see the voice waveforms while recording.

WhatsApp may soon let you create polls in group chats

To quickly ask the different participants of a group for their opinion WhatsApp Meta thought of a new feature.

A future update could introduce… polls!

Polls in WhatsApp?

Indeed, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS (version shows signs of this new “Poll” feature coming soon. The function could not be simpler, since the author would simply have to indicate the object of the survey before offering various answers to choose from.

A feature currently being tested on the iOS side, but it is obvious that it will also be deployed on Android. WhatsApp would not be the first messaging application to have this “Poll” function, since other applications such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger already offer this same option.

WhatsApp will allow you to create polls

The developers of WhatsApp, owned by the Meta group (Facebook), have not stopped trying to improve the service. A new feature unearthed in the code of beta version of the instant messaging app for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system proves it. It shows that, after the announcement of the arrival of Communities or new features related to voice messages, WhatsApp is preparing the possibility of creating polls in group discussions. This new feature will allow users to ask a question by offering different alternative answers, several of which can be chosen at a time.

For the moment, no date is known for the integration of this novelty in a future update of the general public version of the application. It is a new attempt to arm itself against the main competitor Telegram. Although the latter has a smaller number of users, Pavel Dourov’s service offers many features appreciated by the community… and obviously also by the competition.

WhatsApp: polls will soon make their arrival in group conversations

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature allowing users to take polls on group conversations. The novelty would land in a future update. The Meta group’s messaging application wants to catch up with its r****d compared to competing services. That’s why WhatsApp has been full of new features for the past few months – such as the Android to iOS transfer tool, message reactions or audio message playback in the background. However, WhatsApp still has r****d on several features compared to its competitors. Indeed Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram offer users to create polls and see the results live, once after voting.