WhatsApp since 2017 already allows users to send photos, videos or other files in addition to their text messages. But since then, nothing has changed about maximum file size of 100 megabytes. At least so far, it seems.

End-to-end encryption

This new boosted limit would be ideal for sending videos that are quite long or in formats with little or no compression. They could still and always be sent securely thanks to WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption.

It is unknown, however, if this new file size limit will be rolled out globally. What we do know, however, is that WhatsApp quite often tests new functions first in a specific area, before making them available everywhere afterwards.

WhatsApp plans to increase file transfer limit

Nowadays, communication has become easier thanks to social networks and messaging services. Moreover, WhatsApp recently announced that it plans to allow its users to send large files of up to 2 GB.

It’s a way for the WhatsApp messaging service to stay at the cutting edge of technology and continue to satisfy its users. Indeed, apart from this substantial increase in the size of files to be sent, the company has recently simplified the listening to voice messages as well as the recording. In other words, WhatsApp never stops innovating.

Ability to send a 2GB file

It is true that file transfer has always been possible on WhatsApp, but until now the limit for this document exchange was 100 MB. And many times users have complained about this rather miserly limit. This is one of the reasons why the company plans to increase it. And it is currently experimenting with this feature, allowing a few beta testers to send files up to 2GB in size.

As it is still an experiment, this feature is only compatible from beta version on iOS and Android. At this time, this upgrade is limited to a small number of users in Argentina. Nonetheless, the test suggests that WhatsApp is planning a service-wide change.

A promising experiment

Although this test is still very limited, if it is conclusive, the company may decide to generalize this increase in the size limit and this would be useful to many users. Indeed, this update can really be useful for anyone who wants to share large and high-quality multimedia documents with relatives and colleagues. It is also a way for users to simplify the transfer of a few files between computers.

WhatsApp can also kill two birds with one stone with this feature. Indeed, it can force an upgrade to private document transfer and cloud storage services running under many tighter sized endpoints. WeTransfer’s free service is a good example of this. This one has a transfer limit of 2GB and Box only allows non-paying users to upload documents up to 250MB in size.

WhatsApp: 5 new features coming soon

WhatsApp continues to offer new features for easier use. Future updates will be able to give more freedom to those who use the application daily to communicate with their loved ones, in complete safety.

Notice to WhatsApp users! The phone application available on mobile (Android and IOS) will soon unveil brand new features that will make your life easier. With the new update, people with a smartphone running Android (a brand other than Apple) can already respond to their messages with emoji reactions (a laughing face, a heart, a thumbs up air, a sad face, a shocked face and finally folded hands) as is already the case on Messenger. For others, the new interface allows you to listen to a voice even when you leave the application. A significant detail, especially when you juggle between several things on your phone or you don’t want to wait for the end of the recorded message to be able to move freely. But new size functions will soon point the tip of their nose.

WhatsApp: New features for more private use

If you share sensitive data (photos, links, videos, etc.) or simply want to protect your privacy using the WhatsApp application, then the arrival of this next feature will delight you! Mark Zuckerberg says he wants to offer an application where messages are completely encrypted for more security. He claims that a “seen once” mode will be available soon. In addition to this, the company wants to offer its users security and assurance that they are not being spied on. “We will be rolling out the ‘ephemeral messages’ mode (already available in the chat settings) for a confidential experience. As soon as your interlocutor has seen your message, it will disappear. This will make the application more secure and private for its users”. This feature is reminiscent of the very principle of the competing application Snapchat, where the user is free to save or not the messages sent.

WhatsApp: More size for heavy media sends

If you use WhatsApp for work or love to send tons of photos and videos, you must have faced a size problem: on the app, you can’t exceed 100 MB for sending files! This is why a future update will reduce this possibility and allow users to send heavier media (2 GB maximum!) in one go, soon. No more sequenced videos sent in several times.

Nearby search: WhatsApp launches

In addition to its messaging functions, WhatsApp will also offer a new service, like Google Maps, with a section called “Nearby Businesses”. As the name suggests, users will be able to easily find different products and services near them.

The WhatsApp application is working on the possibility of connecting to your account on any device (computer, iPad, etc.), which is not yet the case today: in all, you will soon be able to connect to 4 different devices thanks to a single WhatsApp account, without an Internet connection. Also, users constantly complain about the problem of synchronization of contacts and discussions when moving from one device to another: their prayers could soon be answered soon.

WhatsApp may soon increase the file limit to 2GB

WhatsApp would test a file limit of 2 GB, against only 100 MB currently.

Currently, unlike other instant messaging apps, WhatsApp limits the size of files sent on its platform. Most of the time this is not a problem, when it comes to photos, for example, but if you are trying to send a video or a rather large document, it is likely to be rejected. This could change in the more or less near future.

compared to only 100 MB currently

In the screenshot above, before this change, the limit for documents was set to 100MB, but in the screenshot on the right, we can see that it has been changed to 2GB. So admittedly, that could still just be a “typo”, someone accidentally filled in 2GB instead of 100MB, it’s also entirely possible that WhatsApp is indeed testing a higher limit for the weight of files that can be sent on its platform.

The company has been criticized several times in the past for its rather aggressive way of managing the compression of photos – understand by this that the photos sent are very, very compressed, sometimes making them very difficult to use on a medium other than the smartphone, or even impossible -. The fact that it now allows larger files to be sent means lower compression and therefore better image quality. As well as sending longer videos, which could make it possible to forget the methods of circumvention.

WhatsApp would soon let you send 2GB files

WhatsApp has many advantages, such as the use of end-to-end encryption by default, which helps secure communications. But Meta’s messaging app also has many limitations. And among these, there is the maximum size of files that can be transferred via messaging.

Indeed, WhatsApp does not allow files larger than 100 MB to be shared. This limit is a real handicap for users of the service, knowing that Telegram allows files of 2 GB to be shared.

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