[REVIEW] : World of Warcraft: the name and theme of the next leaked expansion

A fluttering extension

This word has been spotted in three forms: base, epic, and heroic. This could correspond to the different versions offered for each extension of World of Warcraft. Each one of course including the extension as well as its share of additional goodies for the epic and heroic forms.

The last appearance of dragons in World of Warcraft was in Cataclysm, with the main antagonist being the once Aspect of Earth, Neltharion. Driven mad by the Old Gods, he became Deathwing and ravaged Azeroth, only to be stopped by heroes of the Horde and Alliance, with the help of the other dragonflights.


Since the beginning of March, we know has planned to reveal the next extension of World of Warcraft, the ninth, this April 19, a date marked with a white stone by all lovers of the license. Only, the studio would have, just a few days before its revelation, given several clues.


Before going any further, if you want to keep all the surprise for this April 19, we tell you that the lines below contain, of course, several potential spoilers. However, if you want to know what will happen next, be aware that several references to future pre-orders have been flushed out, implying that the name of this expansion would be “Dragonflight”. A URL was even returning, before being suspended.

How often, various editions would be offered for sale (Basic, Heroic, Epic), with the option to upgrade along the way. One of the bonuses could, by the way, be an “Emerald Drake” mount, which had leaked at the beginning of the year.

It seems that the next World of Warcraft expansion has been leaked, it will be called Dragonflight.

This weekend, a source code update from the World of Warcraft website seems to have inadvertently revealed the name of the expansion we’re all waiting to learn more about at the end of the month.

The name of the next World of Warcraft expansion leaked by the official site?

And even in the Shadowlands, name and place where the story of the latest expansion took place. This is in its last patch, with the victory of the players over the Jailer, the final boss of the extension who resisted no less than 19 days after the opening of the raid on mythical difficulty. The Echo guild managed to defeat him after no less than 277 tries. Today is a clue about the future expansion that was unveiled by none other than the source code of the official World of Warcraft site. Warning, possible spoiler!

The name of the extension revealed by mistake?

The developers have updated the official World of Warcraft website. This has not escaped many observers who hastened to analyze each line of code and find some interesting points. If there were rumors of an expansion centered on the Dragon Aspects, it seems that this is indeed going the way. Indeed, the mention Wow Dragonflight is present in many places.

Three levels of extensions would be available: Base, Heroic and Epic. As a reminder, the Draconic Aspects are beings with very great powers responsible for watching over mortal species. Players have already dealt with several of their members including Alexstrasza, Malygos, or even Nozdormu. At the time of publication of this news. We will therefore have to wait until April 19 to find out more about the future history of World of Warcraft.