[REVIEW] : WoW: European countries mapped “WoW style” by a fan!

For several months now, World of Warcraft fans have regularly published “WoWesque” versions of the maps of the states that make up the United States of America. However, quite recently, Nomadichedgehog published on Reddit four maps of the same type but dedicated to certain European countries this time. Good… Unfortunately, no French-speaking country was chosen, but all the same, the performance deserves great praise!

WoW-style maps of European countries

These maps naturally take up the current geography of the countries that we know so well while offering them a “WoW” style, and especially “WoW Classic” itself. We thus find the iconic elements of each country, in particular:

  • The Colosseum in Rome
  • The Volcanoes of Sicily
  • The Dolmens and Standing Stones of Wessex
  • Windmills in the Groningen region
  • Swedish Scandals

Of course, some major elements of these countries are missing, the Port of Rotterdam for example. However, the idea remains excellent and deserves to be applied to many other countries, all of them in fact! For example, we can’t wait to find out if a map of Scotland is planned, if a nod to Loch Ness is planned, an emblematic lake that inspired Loch Modan if you still doubted it!

Maps of several European countries in WoW Classic format

World of Warcraft-style maps of American states have been published on Reddit for several months. So you have the impression of looking at a map of WoW, but the regions are those of real life. It’s pretty cool and since several parts of Europe have been adapted in the same way, I thought it deserved a little spotlight.

Some as well the case of beautiful Italy where you can for example find Rome and its Colosseum, or even Florence and Naples. England, Sweden and the Netherlands have undergone the same treatment and you can discover the images below. GG to Nomadichedgehog for the job shot.