[REVIEW] : Xbox Game Pass: a nice selection for April 2022?

Once is not custom, the selection of Xbox Game Pass games for April 2022 leaked before the hour.

For once, the games that will swell the Xbox Game Pass catalog in April 2022 are making themselves known a little in advance.

Nice games on the menu

In the space of a few years, Xbox Game Pass has established itself as an essential video game service. And for good reason, Microsoft’s subscription offer remains to this day one of the best deals for gamers. For a handful of euros, players can take advantage of a plethora of recent titles, the selection of which is renewed every month. If the new PS Plus has good arguments to make, the Game Pass still has the advantage of hosting day one games. However, Sony does not completely close the door to this possibility. Maybe one day, who knows?

In the meantime, Xbox Game Pass continues to flex its muscles with the addition of new games. With the arrivals of April 2022, the service could be provided with a good selection. Nothing official however, since it is again a leak. This being Dealabs being at the origin, we can estimate that it will be confirmed in stride by Microsoft. Still no Call of Duty on the Game Pass, but some nice games are on the program.

What are the Xbox Game Pass April 2022 games?

According to this new leak, the April 2022 Xbox Game Pass will add during the first half of the month:

  • Life is Strange True Colors (Cloud + Console + PC)
  • MLB The Show 22 (Cloud + Console): Available 05/04/2022
  • Chinatown Detective Agency (Cloud + Console + PC): Available on 07/04/2022
  • Panzer Corps 2 (CP)
  • Cricket 22 (PC): Available today

These are just the new titles coming to Game Pass. Others available on consoles will be added to the PC and Cloud versions of the service:

  • The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk The Amulet Of Chaos (PC)
  • Star Wars Squadrons (Cloud)
  • Dragon Age II (Cloud)
  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (Cloud)

5 things to discover about the new Playstation Plus


We start the analysis with the basics: why was Spartacus necessary? You will see it is simple. Before, at PlayStation, there were 2 subscriptions: PS Plus, and PS Now. The Playstation Plus is Sony’s star service. It is almost mandatory if you want to play online and collect free games. PS Now, on the other hand, was a bit of an ugly duckling. This is a subscription to be taken in addition, to have access to a catalog of games, in the cloud and locally. The PS Now is a service that has often lagged behind technically, its catalog is vast but does not always shine. It is only recently that the service has regained the hair of the beast, both technically and in terms of the content offered.

Obviously, this remains a second subscription for players to take. At a time when all music, series, cinema and eCommerce subscriptions coexist, Sony made a small mistake. We see that federating everything under the same banner in offers that are a bit “pot-pourri”, is a strategy that pays off and that works much better than when we offer each service separately. We can take the example of triple-play offers from telephone operators: in a single subscription you are made to pay for telephony, internet and TV, and I am convinced that you would not have had the reflex to subscribe 3 times with your operator for the three separate services. There is a real dissuasive side in the multi-subscription. In the video game it’s the same, and more and more, we combine the services. Xbox has been doing this for a few years, and it works very, very well, to the point that they currently have THE real “Netflix of video games”. Sony, for its part, had to modernize its offer. As we have seen, it once consisted of 2 services, PS Plus and PS Now, and the famous code name Spartacus, an internal project that had leaked for a few weeks already, and which aims to combine these 2 services to make a single offer.


These new offers are quite simple to understand. The first, the PS Plus Essential, which concretely brings nothing more than before. This is a classic PS Plus, you have exactly the same as if you were already a subscriber. You can play online, your saves can be uploaded to the cloud, you have access to PS Store discounts and you can grab 2 or 3 free games every month. Basic subscribers will be directly integrated into this offer called Essential. Then for the next 2 thirds, you have to remember that Sony has taken apart the PS Now to add its components to it. One of its components is being able to download games from PS Now to play locally. We don’t play in the cloud, with the constraints of the cloud, here we download games, from a catalog, and we play them quietly on our console. This “catalogue” format has democratized Xbox’s GamePass, and that’s what Sony is now doing, by offering the option to download games, on part of the PS Now catalog. The PS Plus Extra is a little more expensive than the PS Plus Essential, but the offer is still attractive because it gives us access to a vast PS4 and PS5 catalog.

The PS Plus Premium is the last level, the most expensive and the most prestigious of this overhaul of the offer. There, we integrate everything we have seen before, and add more retro gaming and cloud gaming. Simply put, what was left of PS Now. And if the PS4 and the PS5 were in the spotlight of the previous component, the PlayStation Plus Extra, here Sony offers us to play games from the first PlayStation, the PS2, the PSP. You’re going to tell me the PS3 is missing, and you should know that this one will also be there, but only in the cloud. You will not be able to download PS3 games and play them locally on your console. We then find in the PS Plus Premium offer the total, the PS Plus and the PS Now combined, but there is a little icing on the cake: PlayStation offers its blockbusters on trial.


With this announcement, Sony therefore wanted to revitalize its offer, and place its two subscriptions under the same umbrella. It’s now done… The PS Now no longer exists, it has been absorbed, and its subscribers will be transferred to the PS Plus Premium. However, we can ask ourselves a few questions: what will happen to PC gamers who took out the PS Now subscription to discover PlayStation games in the cloud? Will they have to take a global console subscription to use only the Cloud PC part? And then, if we already have some big names from the future catalog accessible to build this PlayStation GamePass, with Spider Man Miles Morales, Returnal and many others, we don’t know for the moment the complete list of games. After all, the service is undergoing its complete transformation at the end of June 2022, and there is still time for PlayStation to communicate on its service.

Another gray area, rather massive, concerns the trial period of the games. In what context does it operate? Will the game be available for trial as soon as it is released or a few days later? Can we pre-load it? How long can we try the games before being invited to buy them? And by the way, what games are we talking about? Are these PlayStation Studios games or does it also include games from third-party publishers that are exclusive to the PlayStation ecosystem? Many questions still remain unanswered.

Sony didn’t want to drown the players in too much information and details, but it would have been quite possible to hold a State of Play of about twenty minutes to clarify all these points at once. . We are still talking about annual subscriptions which represent more than a hundred euros. Players are able to digest this kind of data to inform their choices, even if there is a lot of detail. In such cases, it is better to have too much than not enough.