[REVIEW] : Xbox: Microsoft could fill one of Game Pass’ biggest gaps and imitate Netflix!

Here is a selection of 3 fabulous indie games you may have missed on Xbox Game Pass.


We start with Tunic, the famous Zelda-like that many players were waiting for. While it was not originally planned in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, it finally joined it on the day of its release on March 16. In this adventure title, you play as a reckless little fox, whose mission is to ring bell towers all over the place where he is.

At first very mysterious, it is a game in which you are free to move, but which requires certain skills or certain objects to reach initially inaccessible areas. On your way, you will encounter more or less tough enemies, mysteries to solve and hidden places to explore.

If we love Tunic, it’s for its refreshing side, its relaxing designs and its addictive gameplay. While it’s not particularly easy or difficult, you should find some challenge in turning around, unlocking new areas, or mastering the art of combat and dodging. A game that we recommend to all types of players.


The second game is much quieter and should suit fans of narrative-only titles. Unpacking is a puzzle game where you follow a character through their moves. No dialogue, no context, just boxes and sentimental items that you unpack from apartment to apartment, and house to house.

Once unpacked, your job is to put all the items in their place – pretty much however you like as long as they’re in the right room and in the right area – which is quite a tedious and time-consuming task, which doesn’t may not appeal to everyone. Fans of organization and storage, on the other hand, will appreciate this type of very relaxing gameplay, with delicate music in the background that perfectly accompanies the moment.

Contrary to initial belief, Unpacking’s story is unique and not randomly generated. If you have already seen Let’s Play on it, it is therefore obvious that there is no longer or little interest in playing it. Nevertheless, those who still want to try the adventure for the first time should not be disappointed.

A memoir Blue

We finish this selection with A memoir Blue, another narrative game, even more poetic than the previous one. In this adventure game that is described as an “interactive poem”, you play as a young woman who remembers the good times spent with her mother when she was a child, and thus what laid the foundations of their relationship. fusional.

The originality of this title is expressed through graphics combining 3D for the present, and 2D for memories. this is why A Memoir Blue is so touching, because it manages to combine different visual styles in order to convey more emotions to us. If you are affected by this kind of games, you will not be disappointed with the trip.

Xbox: Microsoft could fill one of Game Pass’ biggest gaps and imitate Netflix!


Decidedly, the trend is to overhaul for the subscription offers of the two manufacturers. On the one hand, Sony has finally unveiled the new formulas for its PlayStation Pluswhich hid behind the name Spartacus, but Microsoft would not be outdone either in this area. It would not be a total overhaul of Xbox Game Pass, but an additional formula that should delight players around the world.

The Xbox Game Pass has often been compared to a kind of Netflix of video games, even if in fact, the comparison does not go very far. Especially since a very specific element sets them apart, namely the possibility, as is the case for Netflix, of taking out a subscription while allowing other members of the family to benefit from it. Do you see us coming?


For the moment, the details around this formula lack clarity, including the price of this unique offer, although everything suggests that it will be more advantageous than the individual purchase of several Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. The vagueness is also present as for the official announcement, even if the sources of this rumor agree that Microsoft could make an announcement soon.

From the little information available, we already understand that Microsoft wants to quickly correct one of the problems with Xbox Game Pass and take an example from Netflix by allowing several accounts to be associated with a single subscription. This “family subscription” would be under development and would allow, for the purchase of this additional formula, five separate accounts within a household to take advantage of the advantages offered by the Microsoft service.including its huge catalog of games.

Xbox Game Pass would add a family offer in 2022

Soon a family offer for the Xbox Game Pass

Currently, the Xbox Game Pass costs €9.99/month, either for the console version or for the PC version. This gives access to lots of games. There is also Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at €12.99/month which adds the ability to play online and Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) to play via the cloud on different media, such as a smartphone.

So a new family offer would see the light of day. It would allow access to the service for five different players. There is no information on the price yet, except that it will be advantageous compared to five separate subscriptions. Also, Microsoft will use the system already in place with Office 365 to create a family group.

PS Plus: Sony is revamping its on-demand games service

PS Plus, Sony’s game-on-demand service

This new subscription service from Sony represents at first sight an answer to Game Pass. The latter is none other than Microsoft’s on-demand games service. More than 25 million people subscribe to this Game Pass.

PS Plus and Game Pass offer access to hundreds of games. They are available as monthly subscriptions. They both allow you to stream games.

The two, however, differ in detail and approach. Indeed, if Game Pass can be considered the “Netflix for games”, this is not the case with PS Plus. This subscription service from Sony is more like a “Molotov for games”.

PS Plus and Game Pass, how much do they cost?

PS Plus comes in four tiers. the PS Plus Essential (8.99 € / month) which bears a striking resemblance to the current service. It is indeed the cheapest. The price will then increase from one level to another. Come then PS Plus Extra (13.99 € / month) which brings a library of PlayStation 4 and 5 games. PS Plus Premium (16.99 € / month) adds to the service of games from previous PlayStation generations as well as game demos.

For geographies unable to access game streaming, they can sign up for PS Plus Deluxe. This service will be cheaper than PS Plus Premium, but will not offer PS3 games.

Game Pass meanwhile comes in two tiers. the base level is available on Xbox and PC. It costs about the same as the PS Plus Essential. It gives access to a library of Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC games. The next level says Game Pass Ultimate has almost the same price as the PS Plus Extra.