[REVIEW] : Xbox Series X: you can now control your TV with your controller,

It’s not always easy to find your way between the remote controls for the television, the box, the controllers of different consoles, those for the PC, in short, we all have many devices to control our screens which tend to hang around (and get lost) all over the place. Also, it would be much more convenient to use one controller to rule them all. Obviously, Microsoft is of the same opinion, according to its latest update to the Xbox Series X.

Without going so far as to transform its controller into a universal remote control, the latter can now modify the source of the image of its television. Let’s say you have just bought a new one and the installation time is several tens of minutes, or the time to watch an episode of a favorite series. No need to search for your remote control buried in your sofa, you can switch to HDMI using your controller.


As Harry Hryb explains on Twitter, all you have to do is press the Xbox button on your controller to change sources. Once the installation is complete, pressing the button again takes the user back to their console screen. However, all this is only possible if the correct option has been checked in the settings. Here’s where to find it:

  • From the home screen, press the Xbox button on your controller and go to Profile and system
  • Navigate to Settingsto the menu General
  • Then open the section Standby and startup modethen TV and A/V power option
  • Finally check the option Change the TV input using a controller

What are the best compatible controllers on PC?

Keyboard and mouse play is not for everyone. When you come from the console game, this particular combo requires time to adapt which is not suitable for all types of players.

Fortunately, there are other ways to control your avatar on PC. Besides the classic keyboard, you can use a wireless controller or gamepad to enjoy your games on Windows, Mac or Android.

If you’re hopelessly allergic to other forms of peripherals, this article offers you a review of the best PC controllers.

Which controllers are compatible with the PC?

Today, it is common for manufacturers – including those operating on consoles – to offer compatibility of their controllers with the PC. This is why you will find PS4, PS5 or even Xbox Series X controllers in our preferences. And no hassle: if you don’t know how to do it, we explain the procedure to follow to link your controller to a PC.

Nevertheless, it is better to warn you: some functions of these compatible controllers cannot all be activated. Thus, the resistive triggers of the DualSense, the NFC of the Switch controllers and the audio of the Xbox controllers will not be usable by the Microsoft OS.

Besides the console constructors, there is a myriad third-party controllers which also offer compatibility with the PC game.

Which controllers are optimized for PC gaming?

Today, the reference of compatible controllers is unsurprising to look at from Microsoft. Acclaimed by players, Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers are squarely used by development studios when designing their games.

Thus, most of the on-screen key displays correspond to the keys of these controllers and the gameplay is very often adapted to their ergonomics. And in addition, there are several different colors, very stylized.

Voted best controller of all time, the DualSense is compatible with Windows, MacOs, Linux, Android platforms, but also with Steam and Epic launchers.

If it offers fewer functions than on PlayStation 5, the controller still works perfectly on PC and constitutes a completely viable alternative compared to the competition.

How to quote the Xbox and the PS5 without mentioning the Switch? Like its competitors, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is perfectly compatible on PC, whether wired or Bluetooth.

Comfortable and ergonomic, it offers an exceptional directional cross, a precise movement sensor, an effective vibration system and two perfectly calibrated analog sticks. You will find all the sensations of the console game on PC.

Which controller for e-sport?

You can be a big PC gamer and prefer to play on the controller. For your multiplayer competitions, there are controllers perfectly suited to competitive play. And the best of them is undoubtedly the Xbox Series Elite 2.

Like gaming mice, this controller impresses by the extent of the adjustments that the player can make: full mapping of the keys, resistance and height of the sticks, curves of the triggers… it’s simple, you can configure almost everything!

You can now change TV inputs with your Xbox controller

Technology is great, but having too much of it can be a real downside. For example, if you need to switch your TV’s input to your game console, you need to find your TV’s remote to do so (or, heaven forbid, press a button on your TV). Starting today, Xbox Series X | S can get around this problem by simply using their impossible-to-lose gamepad between sofa cushions.

Announced by Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, the feature is part of Consumer Electronics Control, or CEC. Essentially, consoles that use this feature can send commands to other devices, usually TVs, through their controllers. CEC has been on Xbox consoles for a while, but starting today, users can change their TV input with their controller. The same feature has been present on PlayStation 5 consoles for quite some time.

As long as the TV connected to an Xbox Series console supports CEC, players can use their Xbox controller to switch inputs. They just need to find the TV and A/V power options menu in their console settings. From there, users can enable HDMI-CEC and choose which commands their console can give their TV.

In addition to being able to change TV inputs using their controller, users can instruct their console to change the volume of a device or turn other devices on or off.

Xbox consoles have recently received a number of improvements, including quality of life changes for Quick Resume. Thanks to last month’s Xbox update, Xbox Series X|S users can now pin games to Quick Resume, allowing them to have a handful of titles always available in an instant.