Adventure calls, waiting for explorers who are up to the task. Today, award-winning indie publisher Assemble Entertainment, in conjunction with solo developer Moral Anxiety Studio, released Roadwarden, an isometric text-based RPG. Combining high fantasy elements with mechanics borrowed from traditional RPGs, visual novels and adventure games, Roadwarden blends the familiar with the unexpected in a unique approach to text-based interactive fiction.

Featured on Polygon’s “17 Most Exciting Video Game Releases of Fall 2022” list, Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based role-playing game in which players assume the profession of the titular roadwarden, exploring and changing a hostile and sinister realm . Roadwarden’s gameplay is entirely scenario-based, and players make decisions based on events happening around them.

With the ability to specify the protagonist to be a Warrior, Mage, or Scholar depending on upgraded abilities, players will traverse an enigmatic peninsula to expand the influence of the Merchants Guild. For those who want a taste of the adventure, an official demo is available for download on Steam.

The main features of Roadwarden are:

  • Explore and Change the World: Discover the secrets and overcome the challenges of a hostile fantasy world, inevitably unraveling its sinister and unique history.
  • Challenge yourself: Create your own story, personal abilities, beliefs, and personality to shape your own future as a Guardian of the Road.
  • Classic RPG Attitude: Prepare for an epic journey, whether as a warrior, mage or scholar, and define your character’s traits, such as friendly, playful or intimidating, during your interactions with various NPCs.
  • Mysteries Unfold: Use your insight and wiles to investigate and draw your conclusions to understand the true nature of this world. Dive into detailed dialogues and side quests with dozens of NPCs to earn their trust and support.

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