Rocket League: PlayStation Plus and Switch Online no longer required soon

  • PlayStation Plus and Nintendo Switch will soon no longer be required
  • With Supersonic Legend there is a new tier
  • There is not yet an exact date for the changeover

Psyonix has announced further details on the upcoming “Free to play” transition from Rocket League.

Most recently, the company talked about cross-progression in Rocket League, this time about seasons, ranks and more.

Apart from that, after the changeover you no longer need a PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation 4 and no Switch Online on the Nintendo Switch to play online on these platforms. At the same time, your Rocket ID friends list becomes the Epic friends list.

With the “Free to play” start, Psyonix is ​​also adapting the season schedule: “The Rocket Pass is no longer numbered individually, it is an extension of the season,” they say. “When Season 1 goes live, Rocket Pass and Competitive Season will go live too. When Season 1 ends, Rocket Pass and Competitive Season will end, and Season 2 will start with its own Rocket Pass and Competitive Season . With consistent start and end dates, we hope it will be easier to see how long you have left to meet your challenges and reach your dream rank! “

At the same time there is a new rank. Grand Champion is split into Grand Champion 1, Grand Champion 2 and Grand Champion 3 and current Grand Champions will likely end up in Grand Champion 1 and can start their ascent to the “Supersonic Legend”. There are of course new titles and rewards.

In order to compete in ranked games in the future, you must have reached at least level 10.

For newbies who join the “Free to play” start, there is a new tutorial that throws them directly into the game and familiarizes them with the interface and the key assignment. Challenges are also available with which you can unlock a few items.

When will Rocket League be “free to play”?

The question still remains: when is the time?

Psyonix had previously announced that Rocket Leage would be “Free to play” in the summer, but an exact date is still pending.

A new update is to be expected in mid-September, the “free to play” start should take place “a short time later”. So it won’t be long.

You don’t have to wait long.