Over the past few weeks, we’ve all been soaking up all the information about Red Dead Redemption 2 like sponges, but now it’s time to enjoy it in a different way. Rockstar Nederland did something nice for a terminally ill fan. That and a whole lot more in this brand new N8W8.

It is October 9, the day on which the first naked person appeared on Dutch television in 1967: Phil Bloom in Hoepla. It is also the day when North Korea conducts its first nuclear test in 2006. A tough day. Whether that is the case today remains to be seen, in any case we start it with a deluge of game news!

From Software keeps showcase in Osaka

Good news for gamers who like to put themselves on the virtual rack: From Software is holding a showcase in Osaka next week. On October 14, visitors can try out Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Deraciné and Dark Souls Remastered on Switch. No doubt that means we’ll find out more about these games.

New Save the World dev update from Fortnite out

Fortnite update Save the World is discussed in a new video, revealing more about Canny Valley and Power Level restrictions. There are also Limited Time Missions in the 6.10 update, in which a very terrifying storm is going on and you have to reach a balloon. Good luck!

SON gameplay trailer is going through the bone

In the category of games-that-feel-so-unpleasant-that-you-don’t-want-to-play-but-you-do-because-you-are-a-curious-guy: SON Enjoy the new gameplay trailer. Or not, but you do look anyway! This PS4 exclusive will be released on December 11th.

Riot Games fined four League of Legends pros

Riot Games has issued a few fines ranging from $ 1000 to $ 2000 to four League of Legends pro players. The players would show ‘negative behavior’ and use language that is unacceptable. Another 12 players of the game have received official warnings for the same undesirable behavior. These include three players from VIT, two from G2 and two from AFR. The fines went to Diomondprox, TheShy, iloveoov and Uzi. It’s great that Riot stands up for inclusivity and against discrimination, especially since the company was recently put through the mangle for sexism and discrimination in the workplace. Or do you think these fines go too far?

Guacamelee and Guacamelee 2 are coming to Switch

Hopefully you like avocado and violence, because the Mexican-themed game Guacamelee and its sequel are coming to Switch. Developer Drinkbox Studios has announced that. And do you know what is so nice? You don’t have to wait for it, the former is now available on Nintendo’s console. Guacamelee 2 will follow in December.

And The Room has also been announced for Switch

We’ll stick with Switch for a little longer as The Room has been announced for the device. This is a puzzle game that previously appeared on PC and is coming to console on October 18th. He’s won a ton of awards, including the BAFTA for Best British Game, so this one is definitely worth a shot!

Hysterical dogs and other flea balls in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4 they think it’s time that you no longer just take care of your Sims, but that you also pay a little more attention to the kids and the pets. There is now a bundle of Cats & Dogs, Parenthood and Toddler Stuff. The hysteria!

Sweet: Rockstar Netherlands gives terminally ill gamer exclusive preview of Red Dead Redemption 2

Jurian is a gamer just like you and your Wait, but he’s not just any gamer. He is suffering from Neurofibromatosis type 2 and is entering the last phase of his life. This chronic disease causes tumors to grow in his body that he will not be able to fight against for much longer. A very heartbreaking story, especially since the young man is very much looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2, which is still a while away. On Gamersnet you can read that his father contacted Rockstar Netherlands, after which Jurian’s dream came true. Rockstar Netherlands visited him with the game and gave a demo. The game is now back under lock and key at Rockstar, but it’s nice that they were able to give this young man such a nice day.

Assassin’s Creed players believe they have found the Greek god of fire

There are rumors on Reddit (thanks TheMadTemplar) about a possible Greek fire god in the mountains. It is about a mysterious blacksmith who hides in the mountains, without it being completely clear what he is looking for there. Is it Hephaestus, TheMadTemplar wonders along with many other gamers. You can find this person to the north of the map in a cave where you only come when you manage to maneuver yourself through a narrow area. Very exciting when there is just any god in human form in the mountains, especially since gamers now think that there are 11 Greek gods hidden in the game. So if you see a character that is behaving strangely, you could just have bumped into a Greek god. Or a fat bug of course.

A bit strange, but nice: Good Omens

The Good Omens trailer is out, and this series based on the 1990 book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett looks great. It is about the angel Aziraphale (Sheen) who becomes friends with the demon Crowley (Tennant) and then together they take on the bad things that await the world. This six-part sere can be seen on Amazon Prime next year.

Spock has a beard in the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer

Our Wouter has now spent a quarter of his life watching everything Star Trek, but whether he is going to pull the trailer below properly, we have yet to see: Spock has a thick fat beard in the trailer of Star Trek: Discovery. season 2. Fortunately, his iconic eyebrows are still as straight as Bert’s if he didn’t have a unibrow.

Immerse yourself in Fallout 76 with the original soundtrack

You want to start your day a little pumped? You can handle that Wait, because with the new soundtrack of Fallout 76, by composer Inon Zur, you can do anything. At least that’s what the music makes you believe. Run out the door, brave that post-apocalyptic world you might call your office desk, and get the real day out until November 14th and Fallout 76 will get you all the way.

Yes, nothing new can compete with such great music. You wait, get out of bed and have a good day today!