Rogue Company announces its first season, with a battle pass and a new character for the PS4, Switch, Xbox and PC shooter from the creators of Paladins.

Rogue company, the online shooter from the creators of Paladins available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, heralds the start of its first season. The game was already available in open beta since last summer, and since October it is free to play. This update adds a new character and a battle pass, as well as paid editions with various benefits.

Kestrel She is a mercenary, one of the founders of the Rogue Company who interrupts her retirement to fight Jackal. It has two new automatic weapons, self-propelled drones that fire rockets, and a passive ability that allows you to claim extra money every time you take down the enemies and get supplies from all the artifacts.

Whenever you need the guidance of an expert, Kestrel is the best money can buy.

Play as one of Rogue Company’s founding members in the Season One Update, available now!

– Rogue Company (@RogueCompany) February 3, 2021

Like all mercenaries in the game, it is possible to unlock Kestrel by playing games, without having to pay.

The season 1 battle pass, the first from the Rogue Company, is made up of 50 cosmetic items, many of which are free. If you buy the Premium Pass for 1000 R-dollars, you will get instant rewards, such as the Deadly Sniper Suit for Fixer.

Three payment packages from Rogue Company are also on sale:

  • Mercenary Edition: For $ 24.99 unlock 8 playable mercenaries from last year, plus R-500.
  • Year 1 Pass: Also for $ 24.99, unlocks all 8 mercenaries who will join the game in 2021, as well as 500 R-dollars.
  • Definitive Edition: For $ 49.99, it contains both packs and adds an additional R-$ 500, or $ 1,500 in total.

Finally, to ensure a fair and exciting competition, sorting mode has been divided into categories, in which the players rise and fall according to their performance. Other improvements in the update are matchmaking matches, party restrictions, and seasonal rewards.

Remember, Rogue Company is available for free on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is a third-person team shooter, in which its varied roster of 8 characters stands out, which will be expanded with another 8 characters this 2021 through the seasons.

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