After the success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, increased by the importance that the franchise regained at the end of 2019, several projects set in the sci-fi saga are already the targets of rumors and even confirmation by developers. With an imminent Fallen Order sequel, as well as an “innovative” title in the plans of the Eletronic Arts Motive, the ball was a supposed spin-off of Battlefront, canceled in 2019 by the publisher and Criterion Games, by Black.

The information was presented by the Kotaku which, after accessing six internal sources for the development of the closed project, confirmed that the title was in the company’s plans to go to the market. The game, with classic shooters mechanics, under the code name Viking, would be projected to be launched later this year for the next generation of consoles, scheduled for the end of 2020.

(Source: Eletronic Arts / Reproduction)

“EA Vancouver spent some time designing ideas and prototypes for Viking and Criterion was called shortly after,” said sources on the site, who preferred to remain anonymous. “Although Criterion is, on paper, the main studio, the logistical challenges of a game developed in different countries made it a difficult proposition.”

In addition to the logistical and communication fact between several company headquarters around the world, apparently the participation of many people in the project was one of the aggravating factors for its cancellation, since the diversity of opinions and issues involving chains of command and levels of authority began to negatively affect production teams.

Eletronic Arts has yet to comment on the case, so the information is treated as rumors.