First significant addition: One UI 5 integrates new choices of color palettes inspired by the Monet of Android 12. “Users now have 16 color themes preset based on their wallpaper and 12 additional color options for their home screens, icons, and quick panels, for a look and feel that suits their style. »

Second very significant novelty: widgets of the same size can now be stacked, a bit like what iOS 15 already offers on the iPhone. For lovers of widgets, this is very good news that will prevent your home screen from being as disorganized as a teenager’s bedroom.


Samsung also announces new options to block notifications from certain applications without specifying the nature. Remember that Android 13 promises to switch opt-in notifications, a real revolution in which Samsung will certainly want to take part.

The Seoul firm also indicates that it has rearranged its sound management menu, allowing easier access to the volume of ringtones or the intensity of the vibrator.

A novelty of Android 13 is also making its way to One UI 5. This is the possibility of associating a language with an application. Useful for anyone who wants to learn a new language for example.

There are other interesting additions, such as the integration of tips for Pro and Pro video modes to better use their shutter settings, ISO, etc. The “zoom” bar should also be faster to use with one hand.

A new dashboard in the security tab will also appear. This will point out possible security problems and how to solve them.

On the accessibility side, count on the addition of a “magnifying glass” feature to help with reading, as well as an improvement in “different types of voice assistance”. Again, it will probably be necessary to judge on the spot.

Samsung argues that other features should appear over the various betas.

One UI 5 could be part of the Galaxy Unpacked program on August 10 where Samsung will announce the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 as well as the Galaxy Watch 5 or the Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

Samsung OneUI 5.0 lets you assess the WiFi quality of your smartphone

Almost a month ago, we got our first look at One UI 5.0. At the time, we were mainly able to see the aesthetic changes brought by the new overlay, through smoother animations and color recalibration. Today, with the first beta rolling out to the Galaxy S22s, we can finally dive deeper into the update.

One feature in particular caught the attention of new users. Hidden within the network settings, this allows you to monitor very precisely the performance of your WiFi network, within a menu called Intelligent WiFi. To access it, you have to click ten times on the name of the section to open the developer options related to WiFi, in the same way as for the Android developer options.


Once the menu is open, a plethora of information and various and varied data are displayed on the screen. Quality of your network, history of transferred data, you can more or less find any information you are looking for about your connection. Very interestingly, it is even possible to determine the “dead zones” of your network, namely the places within your home where the network is the least powerful.

Samsung launches Android 13-based One UI 5 beta on Galaxy S22 phones

Samsung has officially started rolling out its One UI 5 open beta for Galaxy S22 owners in the US, Germany, and South Korea. The update comes a few weeks before Android 13’s scheduled release, and just days before Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event. Like the operating system it runs on, the One UI 5 beta feels like a relatively small update that adds customization options, tweaks to notifications, and new accessibility and style settings. security.

A UI 5 is based on Android 13 Theme Options by offering up to 16 default color themes based on your wallpaper and 12 additional color options for your home screen, icons and quick panels. It also features a way to stack similar sized widgets on top of each other, which is supposed to help create a less cluttered look.

There are also new accessibility features, including a magnifying glass tool that uses the phone’s camera to zoom in on real objects and text, and options to have your phone read aloud what you’re typing. the keyboard.

Samsung details several other features One UI 5 has adopted from Android 13, such as new notification settings that require app developers to ask for your permission before sending you notifications. The One UI 5 beta also lets you set your preferred language on an app-by-app basis, and gives you access to a redesigned security dashboard that scans your phone for potential issues.

when Samsung released its One UI 4 beta last year, it highlighted how it’s getting updates earlier every year. This time, Samsung has widened the gap between its previous update even further, pushing back the release date of its One UI 4 beta to September 2021 by just over a month. previous betas of Samsung’s One UI, you can access the One UI 5 update by signing up through the Samsung Member App.

While the One UI 5 beta is currently only available on S22 devices in the US, Germany, and South Korea, Samsung plans to roll it out to more devices and regions in the near future. We can find out more about what One UI 5 has to offer in Samsung Unpacked event on August 10, where Samsung is supposed to launch a range of new devices including Galaxy Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4, Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

Good plan Galaxy S22 Ultra: the smartphone benefits from an unmissable offer

Why buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a high-end 5G smartphone that will appeal to lovers of the big screen. That of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is unmistakable with its beautiful diagonal of 6.8 inches and its curved edges. AMOLED technology renders colors vivid, contrasts strong and blacks deep. With very good brightness, the smartphone can be used in broad daylight without loss of visibility. Under the GSM slab, Samsung has housed the fingerprint reader that unlocks the phone. Despite high performance, the phone battery has endurance. It lasts for 5:30 p.m. and thanks to the adaptive refresh rates, it is not overly stressed by the GSM. Bonus: The Galaxy S22 Ultra is compatible with 45W fast charging.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is also a very good smartphone for photos. It has 4 rear sensors of 108, 12 and twice 10 megapixels. The 40-megapixel front camera is perfect for selfies or video calls. This smartphone is responsive, fast and IP68 certified. It is water and dust resistant and will be part of all your adventures for sure.

Where to buy a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a premium smartphone released in 2022 alongside the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+. Superb screen as Samsung has the secret, photos worthy of professional studios and Exynos 2200 chip that performs feats, the Samsung Galaxy Ultra is dazzling. The S Pen, the Samsung stylus, integrates very naturally into the case and is reminiscent of the Galaxy Note. The 128 GB storage space is perfect for backing up your photos and videos, but also all your applications that make everyday life easier.