Officially launched on Tuesday (25), the new Samurai Shodown hits stores with 16 fighters in its squad, but SNK has already confirmed that this number will increase in the coming months. The developer today revealed the contents of Season 1 Pass, which promises new characters by February 2020.

The first new face will be that of Rimururu, which will arrive in the game in August 2019. Later this year, we will have Basara (in October) and Kazuki Kazama (in December), while we will have to wait until February 2020 to have Wan-Fu – all additional characters have already appeared in previous chapters of the series.

As promised, the Samurai Shodown Season 1 Pass will be given out for free until June 30, and you can now link it to your PSN or Xbox Live account. After that period, you will have to pay $ 19.99 to have the fighters – the game is also now offering DLCs in the form of additional clothing, which cost $ 2.99 per piece.